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Chinese Church Voices

ChinaSource announces the launch of its new blog:

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Church Voices aims to:

  • Broaden our understanding of the issues facing the Chinese church.
  • Provide a platform from which non-Chinese speakers can access listen in onconversations taking place within Chinas on-line Christian community.
  • Draw from a variety of sources representing both the registered and unregistered Chinese churches, clergy and laity.
  • Translate sermons, articles, blog posts and micro-blogs that are written by Christians in China.

According to statistics released by the Chinese government in January of 2012, the number of internet users in China has surpassed 500 million. With the recent advent of blogs and micro-blogs, the internet has become the closest thing that China has to a public square where people can express their ideas and opinions on a variety of topicswithin limits, of course. Contrary to the common perception outside of China, religious topics are within those limits.

Dr. Mark Strand, Executive Director of Evergreen, points out that:

For too long we have not heard Chinese voices in the discussion taking place in the West about the Chinese church. At best their voice has been in the third person. It isn’t as if Chinese Christians haven’t been talking, for the discussion here in China has been both robust and profound. But we in the West have not worked hard enough to expand our discussion to include them. This new web site will go far to redress this issue.

Image Credit: Joann Pittman 

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