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Vol. 14, No. 2

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China’s Great Leap Outward

From the editor's desk.

Lead Article

Missiological Implications of Chinese Christians in Europe

The author tells us where Mainland Chinese are found in Europe, what they are involved in and their relationships to Christianity. He discusses their ties with established European Chinese churches, their impact upon the church in China as many return to their homeland and the outreach of European churches to the Chinese diaspora among them.

Supporting Article

Mainland Chinese on the African Continent

Every year, China does $10 billion worth of trade with Africaand this continues to increase. Thus, the continent, and especially South Africa, is drawing a large number of Mainland Chinese. Who are these Chinese and what are their situations? Who is trying to reach them with the Gospel and what challenges do they face in doing this?

Peoples of China

Global Snapshots

A Look at the Chinese Diaspora around the World

From New Zealand to Canada, from professionals to laborers, we are given brief glimpses of the third Chinese diaspora in a variety of countries. A number of diaspora workers give us glimpses into the lives of the people they work with and how they are presenting them with the Gospel.

Book Reviews

The Dragon’s Gift

The Real Story of China in Africa

The reviewer discusses the author's argument that China has created her own path for aid, how this is working in Africa and what it means for the continent.

Resource Corner

Chinese Church Voices

With translated sermons, articles and blog posts, this new web site provides a platform from which non-Chinese speakers can access conversations taking place within China's on-line Christian community to broaden their understanding of the issues facing the Chinese church.

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