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My Church's Response to the Zero-Covid Policy Change

From the series God’s Work in China During Covid Lockdowns

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In December 2022, the sudden abandonment of China’s zero-covid policy led to a new opportunity to see God at work in our church community.

Within days, over 50% of our congregation became infected with COVID-19.

The abrupt policy change left people no time to stock up on medicine or prepare for illness. Though a few members had medicine on hand, it was only enough for one or two people. Yet overnight, more than half of the church was infected and medicine was scarce.

In response, our church quickly formed an online medicine scheduling committee. This group worked to purchase medicine and deliver it to church members in need, many of whom had young children. As parents, we could handle the sickness, but it was heartbreaking to see the kids suffer without access to hospital care or medicine.

I witnessed a profound display of sacrificial love within our congregation.

During a period when a specific children’s fever-reducing medicine, commonly used when kids had a fever, quickly went out of stock, only one sister from our church had it in her possession. Realizing the urgent need among other families, she selflessly chose to keep only a small portion, enough for a single use for her own child, and gave away the rest to families in need. This act of generosity meant that if her child fell sick again, she wouldn’t have any medicine left. Through this selfless act, we witnessed the practical embodiment of Christ’s love in action.

The pandemic created an opportunity to define self-sacrifice and mutual love. Self-sacrifice means paying a personal price to help others. Mutual love goes further, giving up your own interests to serve the greater good. By sharing medicine that was scarce for their own families, my brothers and sisters demonstrated true sacrificial love. This was one way I saw God working through his people during a difficult time. The abrupt change in China’s zero-covid policy allowed our congregation to live out God’s love. In the face of sickness and scarcity, we supported each other sacrificially. I’m thankful for this real-life example of faith and generosity in action.

Editor’s note: If you missed the introduction to this series, “God at Work During 3 Years of Isolation,” be sure to check it out!

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