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See One, Do One, Teach One

“See one. Do one. Teach one.” A pathway to developing mission-sending capacity in China?

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Autumn 2017 Issue

ChinaSource Quarterly

The Chinese Church and Its Historical Past

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Editorial ⋅ Andrew T. Kaiser

Understanding the Past, Understanding the Present

The guest editor's point of view . . .

Lead Article ⋅ Brent Whitefield

History: It’s Essential

Strong faith is built upon history. Trust in God rests on the memory of what God has done in the past and the consistency of his character seen in the historical record of his dealings with humankind. Whitefield explains why knowledge and reflection on history are essential for the church in a variety of contexts. For foreign workers serving in an alien context, their willingness to learn the history of their area communicates a depth of interest in the people they are serving.


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