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Should We Still Consider China?

Seeing how long it takes to recruit and get a worker on the ground in China, I think that we are very wrong to stop recruiting for the Middle Kingdom. China is still a country with many who need Christ. Though the opportunities may be fewer and different, please don’t stop considering China!


ZGBriefs | June 8, 2023

China’s ‘Parachute Generation’ Grows Up (June 2, 2023, Sixth Tone) Prior to the pandemic, tens of thousands of Chinese kids left home every year to attend high school in the United States. Was it worth it?

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A New Wave of Immigration from China to the US

The new group of immigrants from mainland China is very different from Chinese immigrants of the past decades. Are Chinese churches in the US aware of this new trend? Do they have plans to adapt mission strategies and approaches in response?

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Getting to Know China’s Pentecostal Churches

A Sneak Peek at the Summer 2023 ChinaSource Quarterly

If the last seven decades in China have taught us anything, they have surely taught us never to underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit. I am confident that you will be encouraged as you read these eye-witness accounts of the story of Pentecost in China.

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3 Questions: Chinese through Scripture

Last month I had the opportunity to meet Shuguang Wang, the author of a new textbook called Chinese through Scripture. I looked at the book and my first thought was, “I sure could have used this in 1990!”


ZGBriefs | June 1, 2023

Connecting a City: A Journey in Pictures (May 31, 2023, Sixth Tone) Archival photographs offer a vivid glimpse into the Shanghai Metro’s past, showcasing the stories and scenes that helped shape a city.

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Expecting Great Things from God

A Chinese Couple’s Testimony

Over the past twelve years, my wife and I have been faithful in carrying out the great commission with the great commandment in our hearts. As a result of exercising our faith in his promises and our willingness to pay the price to win souls for Jesus, the Lord has favored us with fire, force, and much lasting fruit.

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7 Women Who Braved a Chaotic China

Through the Valley of the Shadow: Australian Women in War-torn China

The women were among the bravest missionaries to serve in China… The authors describe…fending off bandits, experiencing bombing, walking miles and miles to get food, enduring flea bombs dropped on their city, hiding in the woods from violent mobs, and more.

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《亲子共成长》Growing through Parenting

A New Resource for Chinese Parents

A new book emphasizing the opportunity for parents to grow as they raise their children—to grow and become more like Jesus.


ZGBriefs | May 25, 2023

They Sang ‘a Heavenly Song’ in a Dark Chinese Jail (May 24, 2023, Christianity Today) As Xiaohui moved from cell to cell, she told her new roommates about Jesus and his sacrificial love. She told so many prisoners about Jesus that a police officer reprimanded her. After he interrogated her about gathering to worship with her house church, he said, “You can’t gather here in the detention center either.”