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The Lantern

Five Items of Counsel

October news from ChinaSource.

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Real Relations and Real Connections

A Reader Responds to the Autumn CSQ

Whether campus ministry continues to happen primarily online, changes back to in-person, or becomes a hybrid version of the two, building relationships with students is key for the development of campus ministry.

Chinese Church Voices

A Repentance Story

Testimony of a Post-90s Preacher

Young adults in China struggle with many of the same issues their counterparts in other parts of the world face. Here a young man tells of his desire to live his own life and find a well-paid, respected career. Seven years of wandering prepared his heart to respond to the gospel.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (7)

Hui and the Cultural Revolution

With the loss of their religious meetings, their halal food, and their freedom to run small businesses, some felt there was nothing left of their Hui identity. But others took another approach.

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Glory to God All the Earth

Songs of the St. Louis Jesuits in Chinese

Worship music in Chinese to strengthen and encourage your soul.


ZGBriefs | October 14, 2021

Changing China: How Xi's 'common prosperity' may impact the world (October 9, 2021, BBC) One of the most visible consequences of common prosperity has been the refocusing of corporate China's priorities to the domestic market.

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Exploring the Academic Field of Chinese Christianity

When the academy and the field work together, a mutually enriching process of action and reflection emerges that strengthens mind, body, and spirit, both as individuals and as a community.

Chinese Church Voices

China’s Aging Population and the Church

Part of the impact of the pandemic in Yangzhou was felt among the elderly gathering in mahjong halls. This has prompted the Christian Times to consider the ways that the elderly are spending their free time and how the church might contribute positively to their well-being.

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I Was All Prepared to Share—Or So I Thought!

Being prepared to share what I believe is a vital part of my spiritual wellbeing; here is an important tool for being prepared and knowing when others are prepared to hear.

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5 Prayer Resources for China

There is much to pray about when it comes to China and churches in China, but sometimes it’s hard to know specifically how to prayer. These resources will help.