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Chinese Church Voices

The Testimony of a Third Generation Believer at Peking University

I was born into a Christian family, but that did not mean that I naturally believed in God.

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How Can God Reach These People? (2)

A Look at the Chinese Diaspora in Southern Africa

What an exciting prospect to see Chinese people, who are themselves “scattered people,” raised up to not only reach their own in effective outreach and discipleship multiplication, but to also see them reaching out to the many unreached people groups in their new surroundings.

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Second-Generation Chinese Youth—Kiwi and American

A Reader Responds

A reader discusses the similar challenges faced by second generation Chinese youth in the US and New Zealand. He concludes with an overview of strategies that might help Kiwi churches minister to the needs of their second generation.


ZGBriefs | June 30, 2022

China cuts travel quarantine but retains zero-Covid approach (June 29, 2022, CNN) On Tuesday, the National Health Commission said incoming visitors need only spend seven days at a quarantine facility and three days at home.

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Ethical Storytelling

Everyone who has been to China, or met a Christian from China, or read or heard something about Christians in China, has a story to tell. But no one has the whole story.

Chinese Church Voices

Training Disciples in China

I believe that the present-day pastor needs to demonstrate that he is a disciple of Christ by living a real life in a real way, and making sure other people can see that lifestyle, providing an example that believers can refer to, imitate, and follow.

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Know Thy IPG* Neighbor

Know Thy Hui Neighbor (10)

Who are the neighbors you want to reach for Christ?

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Being Prolife in China

How can the church make a difference when the state controls family life?


ZGBriefs | June 23, 2022

20 Things We Learned from China’s 7th Census (June 17, 2022, Sixth Tone) There’s a lot to explore in this data, but here’s some of the first things we noticed, from an improving sex ratio to the tiny group of households who reported five generations sharing a single room.

The Lantern

Packing a Punch, Indeed!

June news from ChinaSource.