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Saving Grandmother’s Face and Other Tales from Christian Teachers in China

A Book Review

While it is difficult for foreigners to teach in China today, it is not impossible and still well worthwhile. The book reviewed here will bring back poignant memories for many and, we trust, be a reminder to pray for those who are still teaching in China.

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Who Moved My Church?

The key to the Western church’s ongoing effectiveness may well be its ability to learn from majority world believers, many of whom have experience in living out their faith in the face of political and cultural restrictions.


ZGBriefs | January 26, 2023

Frontline Wuhan: the first city struck by Covid-19 learns its lessons (January 25, 2023, South China Morning Post) Emergency doctor Ai Fen was one of the first in the world to see the effects of the new coronavirus and has just coped with latest wave. The city’s healthcare system was better prepared this time and handled the rising cases with ease, but there is still room for improvement.

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A New Song of the Wanderer for Today

Above All Things: The Romance and War between Christianity and Science

What is the truth about the relationship between science and faith? Are they incompatible or harmonious with each other? . . . Above All Things: The Romance and War between Christianity and Science . . . attempts to analyze the delicate relationship between science and faith.

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Peacemaking in China


People shared their conflict stories, how they viewed face issues (saving, giving, and losing face), the hindering impact of face on reconciliation, and how God enabled them to set aside face to apologize and forgive…They have demonstrated that conflict resolution and relational restoration in face-saving cultures is possible!

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Opportunities and Challenges During Chinese New Year

How should Chinese Christians celebrate Chinese New Year? What’s the best way to live out the gospel during the celebrations? A pastor from mainland China reflects on these questions.


ZGBriefs | January 18, 2023

China's population falls for first time since 1961 (January 17, 2023, BBC) The population in 2022 - 1.4118 billion - fell by 850,000 from 2021. China's birth rate has been declining for years, prompting a slew of policies to try to slow the trend. But seven years after scrapping the one-child policy, it has entered what one official described as an "era of negative population growth".

The Lantern

Being the Body of Christ in 2023

January news from ChinaSource.

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Thoughts in Response to the End of the “Golden Age”

If Christian workers, foreign or local, were aware of the cyclic historical pattern, they might be less surprised by the recent retightening of religious policy after four decades of reform. It was just a matter of time.

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Sharing Eternal Truth on Shortwave Radio

Old-School Tech Beats Modern Monitoring

What if I told you there was a safe, secure way in which information can be received by people in China? It cannot be easily turned off or blocked, it cannot be traced, it leaves no digital footprint, and best of all, it cannot be censored or edited.