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New Media Missions: Igniting Mission Life

Our social networks serve as a conduit for others to understand our lives, our faith, and the transformative impact of our beliefs. New media offers the most accessible, effective, and personal means for interaction and connection. Our virtual community becomes our broadest mission field, accessible to all for engagement.


ZGBriefs | February 29, 2024

Video: Reporting from China: How this trip was different (February 25, 2024, CBS News) This week on 60 Minutes, correspondent Lesley Stahl reports from Beijing and Shanghai, cities few Western journalists have entered since 2020, when China began to expel some journalists and restrict access to others in the foreign media. Stahl went at the invitation of U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns, who spoke about China's economy and its relationship with the U.S.

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Just Listen

“If the… global body of Christ can be there and say, ‘We are together here with you. I have my struggles, and you have your struggles, but we are together, praying to God together and seeking his guidance and help together,’…that can be very comforting and can be an encouragement.”

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China is Open—For Business and More

China is open for business, and a lot more. What is God calling you to do with that information? What might you try?

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Reassessing Digital Engagement, Part III

Can some information regarding Jesus, the gospel, and life-with-God be communicated through digital means? Yes, absolutely. But discipleship is the transformation of a person into Christ’s likeness, and the normal, everyday means of that happening is people in vital, real (as opposed to virtual), personal relationships with one another.

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Crossing Cultures: Ethnocentric Conversion

The Apostle Peter’s ethnocentric conversion exploded into fullness through an unanticipated personal interaction with Cornelius, a gentile military officer who lived out his fear of God in household leadership, generosity, and constant prayer (Acts 10:1–2).


ZGBriefs | February 22, 2024

China’s VPN Usage Nearly Doubles Amid Internet Censorship (February 15, 2024, VOA) Last year, VPN usage in China nearly doubled, according to data from IT education news outlet Techopedia, this despite the country’s strict regime of internet controls of everything from overseas websites to online games. China’s “Great Firewall” is one of the world’s most comprehensive internet censorship regimes, preventing citizens from accessing websites like Instagram, Wikipedia and YouTube, as well most major news organizations including VOA.


Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for a fascinating event in the historic Nazareth Chapel at the University of Northwestern-St.Paul on Friday, April 5. I’Ching Thomas of OM International will present a free lecture titled “Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response.” I’Ching Thomas will explore the notion of human flourishing in Chinese […]

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A Social Scientific Study of the Chinese Christian Community in Britain (1)

Key Characteristics and Trends

The influx of BN(O) migrants has upended the landscape of Chinese Christianity in Britain as we knew it…At this critical historical juncture, the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) initiated the “Bible and the Chinese Community in Britain” (BCCB) research project in 2022, aimed at developing an…understanding of Christianity amongst the Chinese population.

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The poem “Yearning” speaks of the deep groaning out of a longing to be in communion with the creation in wonder and awe. It is an invitation to embrace the beauty and sacredness of the creation with the very life God has given us.