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The Last Mile

Navigating the Challenges of Chinese Bible Engagement

As the old Chinese saying goes: "The final mile counts for half the journey. Without it, the previous ninety-nine are wasted" (行百里路者半九十). Fully engaging with the Bible, transforming life, resembles a long and arduous road.


ZGBriefs | July 11, 2024

Archaeologists Recover 900 Artifacts from Ming Dynasty Shipwrecks in South China Sea (June 18, 2024, Smithsonian Magazine) “The discovery provides evidence that Chinese ancestors developed, utilized, and traveled to and from the South China Sea, with the two shipwrecks serving as important witnesses to trade and cultural exchanges along the ancient Maritime Silk Road,” says Guan Qiang, deputy head of the NCHA, in the agency’s statement.

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Chinese Upbringing and US Culture

A Third-Culture Kid Bridges East and West

Pray that the Chinese Gen Z can find their true meaning and identity, that their worth would not in their achievements, but of a higher force.

Chinese Church Voices

Resilience and Renewal

The Shifting Landscape of Hong Kong's Church

The topic of church development must be considered in the spirit of John the Baptist's words, "He must increase, I must decrease." We must recognize that what needs to be developed is the universal church as part of the kingdom movement, not a specific local church or organization.

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God Is on the Move, Part 1

Observations and Reflections on Protestant Christianity in Post-Covid China

During the zero-COVID chaos, Chinese churches found hope and resilience, witnessing God's presence amid isolation.

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Home Is the Bridge to Our Hearts

Home and family are very vital topics to a Chinese person, often providing bridges to their heart’s desires and offering a way to present Christ as the way to give a perfect home and family—the home and family found in knowing him.


ZGBriefs | July 4, 2024

What You Need to Know about China’s Terra-Cotta Warriors and the First Qin Emperor (Updated April 19, 2024, Smithsonian Magazine) In March 1974, a group of peasants digging a well in China’s drought-parched Shaanxi province unearthed fragments of a clay figure—the first evidence of what would turn out to be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of modern times. Near the unexcavated tomb of Qin Shi Huang—who proclaimed himself first emperor of China in 221 BCE—lay an extraordinary underground treasure: an entire army of life-size terra-cotta soldiers and horses, interred for more than 2,000 years.

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Lighting the Future: A Candle in the Dark, Part 2

More Stories from Chinese Christian Families

Hearing the incredible stories from both the children and their parents, I feel I understand why the Chinese church is once again facing severe oppression… This implicit self-exodus happening in China seems to embody God’s mercy and unfailing love. Without this persecution and oppression, we would undoubtedly lose our children forever; under the communist schemes, our children would be brainwashed and become poorly educated rebels against the truth.

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The Appeal of the Pentecostal Movement in Hong Kong

The Kaleidoscopic City: A Book Review

Mayfield highlights…the essential continuity that bound the early Pentecostal missionaries together with their evangelical contemporaries; the way in which the “heat and noise” of Pentecostal worship, which often repelled Europeans, actually served to attract the Chinese masses; and the strategic role that women played in the founding of Pentecostal churches.

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An Alternative to Being Marginalized

An outreach approach acceptable to the government and public interest will be a solution. The police can block a venue, but charity, merciful actions, and care for neighbors can gain societal support.