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The Translation of the Bible into Chinese

A Book Review

Reading Peng’s book, alongside the research of many other scholars of the Chinese Bible, reminds China workers today of the very real merits of the Union translation as well as its prominence within the Chinese church.


ZGBriefs | January 20, 2022

China’s Foreign Firms Are Running Out of a Key Resource: Foreigners (January 19, 2022, Sixth Tone) The strict policies have left large numbers of expats effectively stranded outside China. As many as 100,000 foreigners may be waiting for permission to return to Shanghai alone, local media outlet SmartShanghai estimates. It’s unclear exactly how many foreigners remain in China.

The Lantern

Getting to Know You

January news from ChinaSource.

Chinese Church Voices

Responding as a Christian to Beggars

How should Christians respond to those who play loud hymns and beg in front of the church on Sunday? What should the believer’s attitude be towards them? Can a Christian refuse to give money? What does the Bible say? A believer in China discusses this difficult issue.

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A Reader Responds to the 2021 Winter CSQ

Today’s author uses the analogy of human development to add nuance and detail to the story of China’s Reforming churches.

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Raising the Walls of the Sandbox

As churches in China experience continued tightening, it’s worth considering the wider context of the measures and what their broader purpose is.


ZGBriefs | January 13, 2022

Video: Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Christian Faith (January 6, 2022, CantoSense)

As Christians, should we be wary of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? This episode, we are joined by Dr. Lai Pak Wah to discuss TCM and whether the principles and religious elements should be cause for concern.

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The Final Number Is In!

Thanks to all our wonderful friends and donors, we are looking forward to what 2022 will bring with renewed energy for our kingdom calling.

Chinese Church Voices

Christmas Was Different for Chinese Churches

A look at how churches in China thought about and prepared to celebrate Christmas during the pandemic.

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Expatriate Ministry in China during the Age of COVID

The experience of ministering as an expatriate in China is quite different today, as those who remain struggle to carve out meaningful roles in an increasingly challenging environment.