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Praying for Shijiazhuang

New outbreaks of COVID-19 in China just as the country prepares for Spring Festival.

Chinese Church Voices

China’s Churches Celebrate Christmas

With many churches in Beijing not being able to worship on site this year due to the pandemic one Christian tells of a Christmas Eve worship service that he was able to attend.

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Interview with Rev. Yoman Man

The Experience of One American City—Chicago

In this interview, Rev. Man, the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Chinese Church in Villa Park, Illinois, tells of the growth of the church, how Chinese immigration has affected it, and the challenges it has faced.

Chinese Church Voices

Giving Thanks in a Shaanxi Church

As people in America were celebrating Thanksgiving last week, a church in Shaanxi province held its 14th annual Thanksgiving service. China Christian Daily tells how they celebrated.

Chinese Church Voices

As Churches Reopen in China (2)

Wu Zhonyi highlights two areas more areas in which believers have demonstrated great enthusiasm as churches reopen.

Chinese Church Voices

A Pastoral Letter When the Church Can’t Gather for Communion

A pastor in Shanghai reflects on the importance of the Lord's Supper and expresses the shared desire to again meet in person and partake of this means of grace.

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New Media and the Church

How WeChat Changes the Dynamics between the Registered Church and Other Believers

Chinese Christians’ views of digital media, especially WeChat, are discussed, including the changes brought about by the coronavirus. The authors continue by looking at the use of digital media in the future, seeing the church as a shaper, not just a userin this digital age.

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Sunday School Training in China

A Christian worker tells of her experiences in training children’s Sunday school teachers in TSPM churches throughout many areas of China. She also shares the design of her training sessions and makes clear the importance of Sunday school.

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A Look at China’s Registered Church

From the 2020 Autumn Issue of CSQ

The autumn issue of ChinaSource Quarterly , comes out next week and here’s a glimpse of what’s in store.

Chinese Church Voices

Two Pastors Discuss the Impact of Media on the Church (2)

The coronavirus has pushed many churches in China to rethink and expand their online ministries. Huang Lei, senior pastor of XiaShang Christian Church in Wuhan, shares his thoughts on why Christians must use media in their ministry.