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Chinese Church Voices

A Pastoral Letter When the Church Can’t Gather for Communion

A pastor in Shanghai reflects on the importance of the Lord's Supper and expresses the shared desire to again meet in person and partake of this means of grace.

The Lantern

Will You Stand with Us?

September news from ChinaSource.

Chinese Church Voices

A T-Shirt Witness in China

Christians in China are not always as hidden as you might think. A Christian volunteer group in northern China is out serving the public wearing t-shirts that read, “Jesus Loves You.” How is such a thing possible in China today?

Chinese Church Voices

The 996 Work Culture

A Christian response to the high-paced, relentless work environment of China.

Resource Corner

The Registered Church in China

Flourishing in a Challenging Environment

This new publication, by Wayne Ten Harmsel, will soon be available. An excerpt from chapter three is included.

Chinese Church Voices

My Husband Gambles—What Should I Do?

Pastoral advice for helping a spouse with a gambling addiction.

Chinese Church Voices

Living a “Down to Earth” Faith

A common concern for Christians in China is how to live out their faith outside of the church. Pastor Chen Shengfeng advises Christians how to carry themselves winsomely around their non-Christian family and friends.

The Lantern

Watching China

August news from ChinaSource.


How Relevant Is the Gospel for the Chinese?

Among Cultural Chinese everywhere, the Christian faith is often perceived as a foreign or Western religion. Hence, many do not see how it is relevant for them. I’Ching Thomas talks about how to articulate the gospel in terms that are attractive and significant to our Cultural Chinese friends.

Chinese Church Voices

Closer Scrutiny of Chinese Christian Media

Censorship on Christian-themed videos seems to be stricter on an increasing number of media platforms.