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Sight: More about Dr. Ming Wang, the Real Doctor behind the Film

Dr. Ming Wang says of his first step toward faith, “Although I had been exposed to world literature in my education in China, I knew very little about religion and spirituality. The concept of faith was very foreign to me, but at that moment, a thought emerged deep inside me: if there is indeed a God in the universe, now would be the time for him to appear.”

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High Time

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Chinese Church Voices

Rising Strong

A Journey of Faith and Growth Amidst the Pandemic

As a result of the happiness group, our church experienced significant growth, even doubling in size. Witnessing God’s work among us during the pandemic, we went on to establish our own missionary society in X Province, dispatched a small group of individuals.

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Taking Another Look at the Chinese Dragon

Chinese Christians are not only receivers of traditional culture but also reformers of contemporary culture and creators of emerging culture. When reflecting on the complex relationship between the gospel and culture, we need a grand and holistic Christian worldview, capable of carrying the gospel’s tolerance of, challenge for, and renewal of culture.

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Further Reading and Listening on the Diaspora and Missions

Get more context for the Chinese diaspora experience with our list of podcasts, recorded lectures, websites, and reading material.

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Pray for Hui during Ramadan

While Chinese Muslims deliberately seek to earn God’s favor through practicing Islam [during Ramadan], there is a spiritual war raging. As Christ’s church, we engage in this battle through prayer.


Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response

On April 5, in the gorgeous Nazareth Chapel at the University of Northwestern-St.Paul, I’Ching Thomas delivered a fascinating lecture titled “Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response.”  Drawing on themes from her book Jesus: the Path to Human Flourishing, I’Ching explored the notion of human flourishing in Chinese thought, focusing especially on Confucius’ teaching on self-cultivation and benevolence […]

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God’s Abundant Blessing

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