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Welcome Andrea!

I am delighted to introduce our new ChinaSource Content Manager, Andrea Lee, to the ChinaSource community! After an extensive and prayerful search, Andrea joined the ChinaSource team on August 1. She is called, experienced, gifted, and qualified to lead us in this vital season. I’m sure you will enjoy getting to know Andrea in the future, but we wanted you to begin getting acquainted now. Welcome aboard Andrea!

Kerry Schottelkorb

Shaped by Family

In Yingge, Taiwan, my childhood was shaped by my parents’ love, and the close bond with my four sisters taught me the importance of family and community values.

Under my mother’s gentle influence, our home was a sanctuary of books, sparking my fascination with the rich tapestry of literature. I was encouraged to write, and I found great joy in the process. I remember friends and cousins bringing their writings to me and asking for my opinions. It was initially enjoyable, until I realized I was always trying to rewrite their works. I’ve learned valuable lessons about finding the balance between guidance and preserving their voice from there.

My passion for literature guided me through an academic journey at Tunghai University and later at SOAS, UK, shaping my worldview and deepening my understanding of cultures and humanity. Upon returning to Taiwan, I worked in academia, where I met my husband while he pursued his master’s degree, and later at a think tank.

A Thorn and a Purpose

Excruciating pain struck one ordinary day, disrupting my stride. Countless medical consultations led to a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, rendering daily activities unbearable. Amidst these challenges, my husband’s love and support became my anchor.

Shifting my career, I joined a publishing house, forging enduring friendships and refining my editing skills in both written content and visual arts. In a print-dominated era, meticulous dedication inspired me profoundly; every detail demanded perfection, yet shared moments of error prompted celebration or disappointment.

Connecting with diverse individuals broadened my perspective, and I learned that I was not just narrating others’ stories but also telling my own story too. Rheumatoid arthritis faded into the background, and I experienced a quiet optimism amidst adversity.

But still, a soreness of sorrow was there, deep inside my heart, behind benign smiles.

Spiritual Awakening

A significant turning point arrived when my husband and I with our son moved to America in 2010. Our landlord at that time happened to be a pastor at a local Chinese Christian church and invited us to a church event. We accepted the invitation with hesitation, as none of us were Christian nor had ever shown an interest in Christianity.

Very soon, our family was caught by God’s presence. It’s not about our cleverness in choosing God. It’s more like God chose us, picking us up from the depths of darkness. The boundless joy and glowing happiness were pouring over us like a flood. This spiritual awakening inspired our entire family, including our beloved son, to actively serve our newfound community.

I soon began to work in a local Chinese church and later in a ministry focusing on Bible study materials, further building up my skills in content management, both print and digital media.

Journey in Chinese Christian Ministries

Serving in Chinese Christian ministries, my faith was constantly tested yet profoundly enriched, teaching me to navigate diverse emotions with authenticity. Learning from Jesus, who saw the depths of human nature yet loved unconditionally, became my guiding principle.

The rigorous interview and onboarding process at ChinaSource challenged me to reflect on my identity and purpose, enhancing my understanding of why God placed me here. Kerry’s insight during the interview process resonated deeply: “God values how we treat one another.” This wisdom emphasized the importance of genuine connections and empathy in our shared journey.

Building Collaborative Bridges

I am honored to be part of the ChinaSource team, where openness and support define our interactions. My background in Chinese Christian ministries and editorial work, combined with Mandarin proficiency, fuels my passion for storytelling within the context of faith. With a deep understanding of the power of narratives, I am eager to collaborate and bridge cultures.

On a personal note, my family and I now call Irvine, California, our home. Along with my husband and our teenage boy, we recently welcomed a new member to our family, a rescued dog named 胖胖 (pàng-pàng; in Chinese, it means Chubby), whose mixed heritage mirrors the diversity we celebrate in our lives.

I eagerly anticipate our shared journey of discovery, fostering connections, and weaving inspiring narratives. Your perspectives are valued, and I am here, ready to listen, learn, and grow together.

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Reflecting with Thanksgiving

We are so grateful for our many donors, especially now, in this season of thanksgiving. ChinaSource continues to fulfill its ministry calling because of the generosity of so many, and we are honored to partner with each one of you to advance God’s kingdom in China and the diaspora. If you would like to make a gift today, please click here.

Online Event

Join the ChinaSource team for the last virtual Connect Event of the year on Monday, December 11 from 1 to 2:30pm CST. We will discuss the current situation for Christians in China, share the latest news within ChinaSource, and leave time for a question and answer period. At the end of the event, we will split up into breakout rooms for more discussion, prayer, and fellowship.

Feel free to submit questions in advance by emailing

ChinaSource Team News

  • On Sunday, November 5, Joann Pittman spoke to the adult life group at Maple Grove Covenant Church in Maple Grove, MN. 
  • Brent Fulton preached at Home of Christ 6 English congregation in Newark, CA on November 5th.

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