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Celebrating Holy Week in China

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Many churches in China marked Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday with special worship services. This week we are posting two articles from China Christian Daily that highlight the celebrations. The first article shows vibrant pictures from the Palm Sunday service at the Yanjing Theological Seminary chapel on the north side of Beijing. The second article describes the Easter Sunday service at the historic Moore Memorial Church in Shanghai.

Yanjing Theological Seminary Holds Palm Sunday Worship

It has been a tradition of the ecumenical church to celebrate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (March 25, 2108). 

The Beijing-based Yanjing Theological Seminary held two morning services to mark the special day. The pastoral staff put crosses made of palm branches on churchgoers at the entrance to the seminary's chapel. 

The choir leader carried a cross decorated with violet cloth followed by two members holding white candlesticks and the remaining members in two lines. The choir walked slowly into the chapel, accompanied by a pianist playing “Ride on! Ride on in majesty!”

The altar was adorned with a red cloth. As a substitute for the main color violet in the Lenten season, the color red represents the passion of Jesus, the shedding of his blood, and sacrifice.  

Shanghai Moore Memorial Church Holds Easter Service

On Easter Sunday, the choir walked into Shanghai Moore Memorial Church, singing Easter hymns. The church, which can accommodate about 1,000 people, was packed with large crowds. 

The church service included a special poetry reading, a dance, and a biblical play to celebrate Easter. 

The pastor remarked in the sermon, "The Resurrection of Jesus is the core of our faith. The Resurrection of Christ was the truest historical event and his empty tomb was the only incident that overcame death."

In the communion service, the pastor gave thanks and asked deacons and elders to distribute the bread and the cup to the congregation.

After the service, every participant received an Easter egg.  

Original articles: Yanjing Theological Seminary Holds Palm Sunday Worship, China Christian Daily.
Shanghai Moore Memorial Church Holds Easter Service, China Christian Daily.

Edited and reposted with permission.

Header image credit: Julian Williams
Text images credit: Yanjing Theological Seminary Holds Palm Sunday Worship and Shanghai Moore Memorial Church Holds Easter ServiceChina Christian Daily.
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