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A Jilin Church Gives Thanks

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In November a church in Jilin province set aside two Sundays to give thanks to God through a variety of activities. China Christian Daily reports on how the believers celebrated and expressed their gratitude to God in the article below.

Male believers from five branches of Nanzhan Church in Dongfeng County, Liaoyuan, Jilin Province, took a group picture after a joint Thanksgiving and praise meeting on November 14, 2021.(Nanzhan Church)

Jilin Church Celebrates Thanksgiving on Two Sundays 

A Jilin church in Liaoyuan City hosted Thanksgiving-themed activities on two consecutive Sundays, including a sharing session and a joint praise meeting.

On November 14, Nanzhan Church in Dongfeng county held joint Thanksgiving and praise meetings in which three choirs, five branch churches, and four fellowships participated.

First, the Holy Fellowship presented the dance “Heaven Is the Most Beautiful,” followed by dances of “The Passionate Bridegroom” and “I Am a Christian” from Tianhe Choir and Nancheng Branch Church. Among the participants, the oldest one was over 80 years old.

Afterward, the staff workers of the youth department performed a Nativity play titled “Our Love Makes the World Different.” Following three dances, another Nativity play “Ruth” was acted out by more than 20 believers, showing God’s grace in a difficult environment.

After the dance, “Mary of Bethany,” from Agape Choir, the meeting concluded with blessings from Senior Pastor Liu Xuesong.

On November 21, the church launched a testimony sharing session of gratitude. First Pastor Liu Cui presented a testimony titled “Restoring Grace.” Other testimonies followed dealing with spiritual growth, experiencing Jesus’ help, gaining salvation through a romantic relationship, and life transformation through ministry by other co-workers. 

At last, Luo Yi, the wife of the senior pastor, preached a sermon titled “The Baton of Love Is in My Hand,” encouraging Christians to be gospel bearers and successors of service.

Original article: Jilin Church Celebrates Thanksgiving on Two Sundays, China Christian Daily.
Edited and reposted with permission.

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Header image credit: Shaolong Duan on Unsplash.
Text image credit: China Christian Daily.
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