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The Right Leader Fits the Role

Called to Leadership

Sooner or later everyone is called to leadership. What will you do when called? Freeze? Run away? Try, but fail? Or step up and lead? You need to know what leadership is and the three non-negotiable qualities that are required of everyone who serves in leadership.

Leadership in the dictionary is at three levels: “the position of, the qualities of and the function of.” Ultimate leadership failure is having a leadership position with no one following. Real leadership is people following—even if you do not have a leadership position. Rate yourself at work, in the community and around home. Use a 10-point scale with10 being the best and 0 the worst. How closely are people following you? If you rate people following you at anything less than a 10, then here is an opportunity for you to become a better leader.

Being the Right Leader

Everyone who serves in an executive leadership role must possess three personal qualities: trust, expertise and dynamics. A wealth of leadership research as well as our own experience in recruiting leadership points to specific behaviors and characteristics.

Who Fits?

Not all leaders fit all roles. Different roles require different leadership qualities. Before you accept any leadership role, learn and apply the four leadership qualities of fits: functional competencies, industry experiences, traits and standards. Measure the role and your fit for it before you tie the knot.

The Role

A strategic understanding of your business situation, leadership team and the executive position is provided through a dialogue with you, as well as research, development and documentation about the role: results, organization, leadership and expectations.

Become a Person Others Follow

When Moses, a leader of millions, looked for leadership, he followed this advice: “Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens” (Exodus 18:21).

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