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Vol. 9, No. 4

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The Spirit of the Enterprise

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "CEOs in China" (CS Quarterly, 2007 Winter).

Lead Article

Chinese Leadership in the 21st Century

A New Paradigm

The impact of Chinese leaders on the world has implications that reach not only the areas in which they are leaders but also into areas of spiritual influence as well.

Supporting Article

The Right Leader Fits the Role

Leading an executive team is like working a living, jigsaw puzzle. You, your executives and your roles constantly change and grow in light of your vision and marketplace realities. Our organization has discovered a selection and development model of qualities and behavioral traits required of leaders for different executive roles that we call "The Mastery of Leadership" model. Check it out yourself. See how the right leader fits the role.

Supporting Article

Servanthood and Mentoring

A Personal Observation

What does it mean to serve and to mentor? What are the crucial elements of each?

View From the Wall

From a “Wolf Culture” to a “Lamb Culture”

China's mainstream business culture can be described as the "wolf culture." The author describes an alternative "lamb culture" that is needed to build a harmonious society in China.

Peoples of China

China’s New Social Class

People's Entrepreneurs

A new social class has emerged in China, one that is impacting China and the world. The extreme wealth of the people's entrepreneurs has given them power and opportunity to influence and directly affect Chinese society on many levels.

Book Reviews

Kingdom Business for Transformation

God is at Work by Ken Eldred.

Reviewed by Brian Williams

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