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Ten Commandments of Christmas

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Last week the mainland website Christian Times published an article titled The Ten Commandments of Christmas: Helping You have a Blessed Christmas." Below is a translation of that article:

Suddenly it's Christmas again, with the white-bearded Santa Claus, the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and the sounds of Christmas carols reminding us of the timeless Christmas story. How should we celebrate this day on which we commemorate the birth of Jesus? A Weibo user recently posted a piece titled, "The Ten Commandments of Christmas: Lord Help Us Have a Blessed Christmas."

1. Don't leave "Christ" out of Christmas. If you write "Xmas," then people will not see Christ.

2. Prepare your heart for Christmas; otherwise you will spend too much time focused on gifts, and forget the needs of your heart.

3. Don't replace Christ with Santa; otherwise the spiritual meaning of Christmas will be gone.

4. Don't burden store clerks, postmen, and other business with your complaints.

5. When you give a gift, you are also giving yourself. In this way, the value of your gift will increase a hundredfold, and those who receive the gifts will never forget you.

6. Do not value the giver according to the value of the gift. Even a small gift can represent infinite love.

7. Do not ignore the poor. Be generous, and help those who are hungry and cold.

8. Don't ignore the church. Worshiping in church on Christmas is very important.

9. Become like a little child because the Bible tells us that unless one becomes like a child he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

10. Give your heart to Christ, and make him supreme in all your Christmas planning.

Original article: 圣诞节“十诫”,助你过一个蒙福圣诞节

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