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Easter and Unity

How important unity must be for Jesus, that right before he was arrested, before he faced the suffering on the cross—at that moment, he did not refer to the horrible suffering which was to come. Rather he was thinking about the issue of unity.

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Praying for Church Leaders in China

Chinese pastors and ministers are often under tremendous pressure—from the state, their congregations, and family issues. While believers in the global church cannot be physically present in China, we can support these workers through intercessory prayer.

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Heart vs Surface-level Reconciliation

Pursuing heart-level reconciliation can be hard, humbling work. A labor of love. Yet when our love is infused with God’s love—our source of strength to reconcile—we can persevere in the process.

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Treasures at the Market

This little analogy from the retail world breaks down easily. But it does make me stop and think. Am I one of the “half-hearted creatures…fooling about when infinite joy is offered?”

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Opportunities and Challenges During Chinese New Year

How should Chinese Christians celebrate Chinese New Year? What’s the best way to live out the gospel during the celebrations? A pastor from mainland China reflects on these questions.

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The Lord’s Prayer

At least in the denominational circles that I am a part of, saying the Lord’s Prayer together seems to have fallen by the wayside. I have no idea why, and I have found myself recently wishing that we recited it more.

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Bonhoeffer: An Exemplar for Facing Challenges

A Chinese professor has seen the glory of God in his own life; he will not be able to ignore God when he returns to teach in China. He knows this will introduce him to dilemmas requiring courage. “Will I have the courage?” he wonders.

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Father, Long Before Creation 

Though the world may change its fashion, you will still remain the same; your compassion and your cov'nant through all ages will remain.

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Fatherhood, a Sacred Leadership Calling

Due to mistaken theological understandings regarding ministry and family, the importance of fatherhood is often neglected. The author discusses the role of the father and what it means to be an effective father.

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A Superlative Sabbath

In all our discussions on what to sing or study, when and where to meet and for how long, to have snacks or not, who was to teach—there was never a thought of not meeting.