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A Prayer Calendar for Advent

Join us in praying for Chinese believers this Advent season.

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Thank You, Father! Thank You, Dad!

Being thankful and saying thank you is important any time of year. Certainly in this Thanksgiving season I want to say thank you to the ChinaSource community for your friendship, love, and sacrificial involvement together with us.

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Engaging the Highly Mobile Generation of Chinese Intellectuals

AFC adopted an innovative ministry model that focuses on supporting micro-communities, which reflect the highly mobile character of overseas Chinese intellectuals….Each micro-community exists to serve actual needs. Collectively, these micro-communities embody the ecosystem of the gospel—the variety of Christian life and the diversity of people groups.

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God at Work During 3 Years of Isolation

Life in China under the strict zero-covid policy was difficult for many, especially believers who were unable to gather for worship. Nevertheless, God was still at work. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hear from Chinese believers answering the question, “During the three years of covid isolation and restrictions, how did you see God at work in your [communities]?”

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Unveiling the Crisis of Chinese Youth

Involution, Unemployment, and the Power of Faith

Since 2023, China has been dealing with a 20% youth unemployment rate, which increases to 46.5% when considering the "lying flat" phenomenon. This societal flow, coupled with the culture of involution, has shaped the lives of countless young individuals, hindering innovation. In this context, the stories of three young people vividly illustrate how their paths were molded within the currents of prevailing norms, with some echoing the transformative message of 2 Corinthians 5:17.

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Indignation or Creativity?

One old-timer (a Bible-smuggler…) told me... “There is a lot possible when we function within the law. We can still head in all kinds of directions. There are always open doors in every country no matter how ‘closed’ they are. We just have to find them.”

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Easter and Unity

How important unity must be for Jesus, that right before he was arrested, before he faced the suffering on the cross—at that moment, he did not refer to the horrible suffering which was to come. Rather he was thinking about the issue of unity.

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Praying for Church Leaders in China

Chinese pastors and ministers are often under tremendous pressure—from the state, their congregations, and family issues. While believers in the global church cannot be physically present in China, we can support these workers through intercessory prayer.

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Heart vs Surface-level Reconciliation

Pursuing heart-level reconciliation can be hard, humbling work. A labor of love. Yet when our love is infused with God’s love—our source of strength to reconcile—we can persevere in the process.

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Treasures at the Market

This little analogy from the retail world breaks down easily. But it does make me stop and think. Am I one of the “half-hearted creatures…fooling about when infinite joy is offered?”