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Your Freedom Is Not My Kind of Freedom

Only by accepting Jesus can we know the truth and accept the truth, and only then can we be free, and live above the law and under grace. If we do not…accept the freedom of Jesus but continue living in the so-called freedom under the law, then we are simply taking joy in our sin.

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More than Just “Good”

Our new identity in Christ allows us to bravely face everything that being a woman entails… Even if the world, Satan, or our own sin constantly seek to deceive us, we can, by fixing our eyes on God, bravely and strongly maintain our feminine identity.

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Praying for China’s Cities

We want to follow the lead of Chinese Christians. If they are praying for one another in a specific way, we want to lift them up in the same manner. If they feel a need to better know and understand one another, then we also share that same need.

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Can Others Tell?

As Chinese New Year approaches, Barbara Kindschi shares memories of holidays in China from years past and invites us to remember our Chinese brothers and sisters in prayer, using some recent ChinaSource articles as guides.

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Taking Our Pain to the Cross

Bringing our pain to God is an act of profound faith. Believers in China who experience trauma can be encouraged by the truth that God will never leave them or forsake them. He is with them in their pain, and they can trust him through the sorrow.

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Let Go

Let Go is to ultimately “let God;” becoming vulnerable and humble… By naming or giving shape to things that we need to let go of—pain, disappointment, offense, trauma, broken dreams, or unhealthy relationships, we are able to make decisions to detach ourselves from them, creating space for healing, forgiveness, growth, and freedom.

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Christmas Bliss

Journeying Through Life with a Vacation State of Mind

The warm vacation home offered a sanctuary, shielded from the snow and cold outside, where a joyous family embraced Christian peace and calm. It was a tranquil Christmas holiday, and the ambiance of "universal rejoicing in the coming of the Savior" felt perfectly in place.

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Silent Nights, Resilient Lights

Christmases in China

Christmas is about love. It’s about peace. It’s about joy. These are not things that you have or you don’t—they are things you have already been given. They are yours, but you must choose to open them, to release them.

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Prayer First

Sometimes God keeps graciously nudging our hearts as we pray, gifting us discomfort or a lack of peace until we make things right. Thank God for this nudging so our hearts can be set free, and relationships set right.

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In the midst of endless pain and suffering in a world filled with conflict and destruction, we can easily feel disoriented and distressed, losing sight of people and hope for the future…. It is a good reminder that [Christ]… became “nobody” for our sake in order to demonstrate that everyone is “somebody” in the eyes of God.