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Painting with Her Mouth to Glorify God

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In this article in the Gospel Times, the testimony of Joni Eareckson Tada touches the hearts of readers in China. An artist who paints by holding a pen or brush in her mouth, Joni manifests the inner beauty that comes from knowing Christ. She is noted here as someone whose perseverance has been an inspiration to millions and whose advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities has helped shape policy in the United States.

According to overseas media reports, the author of 上帝在那里?(Where is God?) well-known American handicapped painter, Joni Eareckson Tada, in a recent video, showed people that although she is handicapped, her inner self is still beautiful. Through her very personal works of art, she not only encourages others, but also gives testimony to God's glory.

"God has given us all these gifts and talents. We're to use them, were to exercise them. But I think especially art and music are ways to express ourselves." Joni, in the video, says that she wants her life to give free reign to the gifts God has given her.

Joni, in talking about her art, says, "My artwork is an expression of things that are uniquely me, very personal, something nobody else can do. My goodness! I can paint with my mouth! But to have done something thats so private and personal, and put it out there, not only for the encouragement of others but for the glory of God — that gives me such a sense of satisfaction."

Joni Eareckson was born into a devout Christian family. Unfortunately, she had a diving accident when she was 18, and she injured her neck and was paralyzed. Later, through the love of her family and friends, and especially through her religious beliefs, she gained the courage to go on. She put a pen in her mouth and painstakingly wrote books, painted pictures, and threw herself into public charity work. She is well-known throughout the United States, and she is thought of as an American hero. In 1978, she wrote a 200 page autobiography about her difficult experiences and how she overcame suffering. It is called Where is God? Challenging the Boundaries of Destiny. In it Joni emphasizes many times that, as long as you maintain true faith in God, you can overcome all the misery life throws at you.

Through her perseverance, Joni has become famous across the USA as a painter, writer, and handicapped social activist. She has written more than 30 books, and at the invitation of the U.S. President, helped write the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The book Where is God can be purchased in China from Baojiayin and Dang Dang.

Original article: 美国知名残疾女画家:用嘴画画 鼓励他人 荣耀上帝

Image credit: Christian Film Database

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