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Farewell to Pastor Lamb

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Many mainland sites and blogs wrote about the funeral of House Church Pastor Samuel Lamb, which was held on August 16. Translated below is one of those reports:

A funeral service was held on August 16, 2013 at, 2:30 in the afternoon for Brother Lin Xiu Gao, one of the spiritual pillars of the Chinese house church. Even though it was raining, Thousands thousands of brothers and sisters from all over China attended the funeral at the Guangzhou Baiyun Galaxy Park Hall to say farewell to their kind and loving Brother Lin.

Lin Xian Gao was born into a family of pastors on October 4, 19242013, in Macau. He was baptized on Cheung Chau Island in Hong Kong in 1936. He began preaching in Guangzhou in 1945. In 1950 his congregation started meeting at his home at #35 Tai Ma Road. In 2000 they moved to #15 Rong Gui Li. He preached for 63 years, and spent 20 years in prison for defending the truth. He passed into the presences of the Lord on the afternoon of August 23, 2013, following ineffective treatment for an illness. His death also represents the end of an era.

Many brothers and sisters used their micro-blogs to share their emotions and thoughts. Deng Huaming, a Christian lawyer from Guangzhou wrote, we lined up from 2:30 until 4:00 to enter the main hall. There were so many brothers and sisters it was like a flowing river. He also shared, Brother Lamb has entered the Kingdom of Heaven. His preaching is heard round the world. Today Brother Lamb is with the Lord.

The memorial service was originally scheduled to be held on August 17, but due to lack of space, it was held one day earlier, on the afternoon of the 16th. Even though it was raining heavily in Guangzhou, that did not stop the brothers and sisters from coming to honor and remember him the his memory and pledge to follow in his footsteps. Many brothers and sisters from Guangzhou came to the funeral home at Guangzhou early in the morning. Many Christians also came from Hong Kong. Some Brothers and sisters from other parts of China even traveled long distances to come. Others were unable to attend because of the distance required to travel.

Weibo user Look to the Hills (a brother from Guangzhou) wrote the following on his Weibo: May you rest in peace, Brother Lin Xian Gao. May you enjoy endless bliss with your Father in heaven. May the Lord bless and help the successors of Brother Lin to that they can carry on his ministry, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and bringing people to the Lord. Glory to God, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

At 7:00 Pm on the 16th, a notice was posted on the the co-workers Weibo: Pastor Lins memorial service which was moved to 2:30pm today has been completed. Brothers and sisters who were not able to come today could attend attend a special prayer meeting tomorrow at Rong Gui Li. Rest in peace, Grandpa Lin.

This coming Sunday, the 18th, a memorial service will be held at the Rong Gui Li Church, which Pastor Lin established and led. The church will also hold other gatherings and special services. Those who were unable to attend the service on the 16th will be able to attend these other services to pay their respects to Pastor Lin.

Original article: 家庭教会先辈林献羔安息礼拜广州举行 数千人冒雨送别

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