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Getting to Know China’s Pentecostal Churches

A Sneak Peek at the Summer 2023 ChinaSource Quarterly

If the last seven decades in China have taught us anything, they have surely taught us never to underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit. I am confident that you will be encouraged as you read these eye-witness accounts of the story of Pentecost in China.

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Beyond the Golden Era

The world in which Jesus grew up and spent his earthly life was in many respects a microcosm of our world today.

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Chinese Christianity and the Missio Dei

A Response to “When the ‘Golden Age’ Is Over”

As mission in China goes through changing circumstances, it is important to remember that the growth of the Chinese church is primarily the missio dei (mission of God) rather than our mission.

Chinese Church Voices

Twenty Quotes from Faithful Disobedience

Wang Yi said, “We have an opportunity to demonstrate to society what the church is; why spiritual authority should not be in the hands of those who wield the sword; why we can…endure external governance but cannot allow our faith, worship, teaching, …and members to come under the state’s review and control.”

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This Changes Everything

The promise of Christmas is not that everything changes tomorrow, but that change is possible through Christ…It begins with the transformation of human hearts.

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The Church in China: Living in Babylon

The author recounts personal stories showing how much things have changed in China since 2015, as evidenced by the CCP's increased control, repression, and persecution.

ChinaSource Perspective

A Deep Well

In this issue, we are offered thoughtful articles which provide us with rich draughts of wisdom and experience. We will be drawing from this deep well for some time to come.

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Why Denominations?

Responding to “When the 'Golden Age' Is Over”

An experienced cross-cultural worker discusses the issue of Christian denominations in China, in light of questions raised in the recent post, “When the Golden Age Is Over.” He argues that denominations can help churches unify and work together to further the spread of the gospel throughout China.

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Public Lecture: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light of the Global Stage

Protestant Churches in China After 1979

Join us in-person or online on November 13 for the autumn lecture given by Richard Cook and hosted by ERRChina.

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An Interview with Song Cheng, Asia Editor of Christianity Today

ChinaSource is thrilled to partner with Christianity Today (CT) to help inform global Christians about the church in China and tell the stories of God’s faithfulness to his people. Learn more in this “3 Questions” video interview with CT’s Asia editor.