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Since news of the coronavirus broke at the end of last year, events in China have rapidly unfolded and the situation changes daily. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the government has extended the Chinese New Year holiday through February 9. Authorities send regular public service announcements via SMS calling on citizens to stay indoors as much as possible, wear a mask when outdoors, reduce social visits, and wash hands frequently. Many residential complexes, shopping areas, and transportation hubs now require people to wear a mask and conduct temperature checks to enter the premises.

How have Christians in China been affected? How are Christians in China responding? China Christian Daily has several helpful articles we would like to highlight.

As news of the virus spread, some churches proactively canceled services and ministry activities in order to prevent infections and avoid spreading the virus. Government authorities in many areas were quick to temporarily suspend church services and other public gatherings. In lieu of meeting in person, many churches have taken to meeting online for worship services and other ministry activities. Pastors encourage church members via video and social media, including the the pastor of Xiashang Church in Wuhan. Pastor Huang of Xiashang, encouraged members via video saying:

We know that our God still reigns by sitting as a king in front of the flood, and we believe that he will save his people. No matter the circumstances, our God's promise is unchanged. His blessings are enduring and compassionate.

Last week ChinaSource shared a letter from a Wuhan pastor who called on Christian brothers and sisters around the world to pray for China.

Christians around China have been calling for prayer for the people of Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, and a city now on lockdown. One prayer group prayed:

Father, when you help, none can resist! If you heal, we get healed, and if you save, we are saved. Creator Lord of Heaven and Earth, we ask you to watch over us, extend your holy hand to heal diseases on earth. We repent before you of all our sins, and ask you to clean this place with the blood of Christ and the true Way, and the epidemic will be prevented and quickly controlled.

May we all continue to be in prayer for the people of Wuhan and Hebei province, for China, and for those around the world affected by the spread of the coronavirus.

Most articles mentioned are from China Christian Daily.

 Image Credit: Radon Shao on Unsplash.
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