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Christian Businessmen’s Fellowships in Shandong

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As more Chinese businessmen and businesswomen turn to Christ, they are increasingly looking for ways to be salt and light in their communities. In one community in Shandong Province, local Christian businesspeople have formed a fellowship to more effectively serve local churches and society. The article below was originally published in and translated by Gospel Times.

Shandong Founds Christian Businessmen’s Fellowship, Aiming at Social Service and Philanthropy

The founding conference of the Shandong Dongying Christian Businessmen’s Fellowship (SDCBF) was held on October 16. This fellowship consists of Christians and seekers in industrial and commercial circles from local churches in Dongying who seek to be involved in service and philanthropy.

More than 60 people attended the conference. Among them there were Huang Bin, Vice-Chairman of the Shandong CCC and TSPM and Chairman of SCBF; Zhang Quan, President of Shandong Century Gold Industry Co. Ltd.; Vice-Chairman and Secretary of SCBF; Jia Mingxing, Chairman of the Jining Christian Businessmen's Fellowship. The conference invited Wang Guoxin, a famous businessman who lives in Beijing, to be the keynote speaker. In his talk, titled “Serving God through Business,” he told the story of his faith journey, as well as the growth and development of his company.

The conference also passed the Declaration of Christian Management, which includes the following provisions: Members must “trust God and obey the Holy Spirit and declare their work to be done in the name of Jesus Christ.” They must operate legally, manage with integrity and guidance by the Lord, promote truth, and be willing to share.

The stated purpose of SDCBF is to provide service for Christian businessmen (and seekers) in Dongying, and to make contributions to the healthy development of Dongying churches, serving the society and being involved in philanthropy.

Since SCBF was founded in April of this year, many cities in Shandong have begun to set up Christian businessmen's fellowships On Sept. 12, the Jining Christian Businessmen's Fellowship had a preparation meeting and discussed its future ministry. 

Original article: 山东省东营市基督教成立工商联谊会 (Gospel Times)
English translation: Shandong Founds Chrisitan Business Men’s Fellowship, Aiming at Social Servise and Philanthropy (Gospel Times)
Adapted and reposted with permission.

Image credits: header image by Josh, via FlickrGospel Times