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Reaching Gen Z in Singapore

Paster Ho believes one-on-one ministry is important in an age when young people want quick answers to their questions. “We need to equip good youth leaders to connect with the youths, especially at this age when youths rather listen to their friends than their parents.”

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Messy Choices in Messy Situations

When facing situations in which right and wrong choices are not quite so black and white, we need each other more than ever to discern the right path to take. In supporting each other, I believe we should also give each other the benefit of the doubt more often than not.

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Public Lecture: Spreading the Gospel

Through Christian Posters in Early 20th Century China

Join us in April for a fascinating lecture on “Christian Posters in the Early 20th Century China.”

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Who Moved My Church?

The key to the Western church’s ongoing effectiveness may well be its ability to learn from majority world believers, many of whom have experience in living out their faith in the face of political and cultural restrictions.

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A New Song of the Wanderer for Today

Above All Things: The Romance and War between Christianity and Science

What is the truth about the relationship between science and faith? Are they incompatible or harmonious with each other? . . . Above All Things: The Romance and War between Christianity and Science . . . attempts to analyze the delicate relationship between science and faith.

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Bu Tai Qingchu

It may seem like a lot of things about China are not very clear these days. But . .

Chinese Church Voices

Protecting Children from Abuse

What Can the Church Do?

This year, just after Children’s Day on June 1, two horrific incidents involving the sexual abuse of girls were reported in China. In response to those incidents, this article from Gospel Times discusses what the church should do to help protect children and prevent sexual abuse.

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Faith and Science in Dialogue among Chinese Christians

Using science as an evangelization tool has a long history in China, and today’s Chinese Christians engage in robust conversation with faith and science.

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Being Prolife in China

How can the church make a difference when the state controls family life?

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Webinar Recording: Chinese Christianity in the Modern Era

In his April 7 webinar, Dr. Easten Law provided a historical overview of the different threads running through Chinese Christianity’s modern development, including themes of folk religiosity and healing, ethical living, familial belonging, and national salvation. What can these historical themes tell us about the church’s role amidst China’s current inward, nationalistic turn and how should we orient ourselves in response?