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Chinese Church Voices—Top 10 posts of 2019

Chinese Church Voices is an occasional column of the ChinaSource Blog providing translations of original writing by Christians in China. The views represented are entirely those of the original author; inclusion in Chinese Church Voices does not imply or equal an endorsement by ChinaSource.

As the implications of the “new normal” in China have played out over the past twelve months, Christians in China have continued to live out their faith and worship God wherever and however they can. They continue to be the body of Christ in their environment and to carry out the Great Commission as God leads. And they continue to write and interact with each other and the world online.

Here are the top ten Chinese Church Voices posts that caught our readers’ eyes from 2019.

  1. A Village Transformed by Christ (February 5, 2019)
    I had left a village corrupted by crime, and returned to a village transformed by Christ.
  2. A Letter to the Uyghurs in Xinjiang (February 26, 2019)
    A Han Chinese writes an open letter to his Uyghur friends in Xinjiang.
  3. Chinese Bible Printing in China (May 7, 2019)
    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first edition of the completed Mandarin Union Version Bible. Instrumental in the distribution of this Bible in China has been Amity Printing Press in Nanjing.
  4. The Gospel in Pictures (April 2, 2019)
    Gospel posters from the early 20th century.
  5. The Boundary between the Church and State (January 8, 2019)
    Over the past year, prominent house churches in China were shut down by government authorities stirring up questions about how the church and state in China should interact. How can the church be the church in this environment? Where is the line between the church and the state?
  6. A Changed Life (March 12, 2019)
    The moving story of one mother’s journey from witchcraft to Christ.
  7. Cult Activity in China Impacts Churches (May 21, 2019)
    While the number of Christians continues to grow in China, so too does the number of cults active in China.
  8. Reaching Tibetans (September 3, 2019)
    What will it take to reach Tibetans with the gospel?
  9. As Church Growth Slows (September 24, 2019)
    What can the church in China do to develop in the face of slowing church growth?
  10. Those Who Have Served Faithfully (November 19, 2019)
    Some of the stories and faces of those brought the gospel to remote areas of China.

We look forward to continuing to bring the voices of the Chinese church to you in 2020.

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