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A Young Christian “Soldier” in Shenzhen

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We often hear about how the church in China is looking for ways to increase its presence in the "public square;" in other words trying to be more visible in society. This article from the Gospel Times is about a family in Shenzhen that is literally doing evangelism in the public square.

In August of this year, after a young man wrote a post on his Weibo account about displaying a gospel sign in a square in Guangzhou, many people praised him for his courage and expressed their desire to follow his example.

In September, "this gospel soldier" once again appeared near a Guangzhou subway station. In October, in comparatively open Shenzhen, there has been a young gospel soldier holding a sign and spreading the gospel with her parents.The little gospel soldier's parents posted a picture of her on their Weibo account. In the picture we can see that she is not yet ten years old and is holding a yellow sign with the following words: "Hallelujah! Believe in Jesus and receive eternal life." You can see the joy on her face is not the same as others her age.

In the square, the little girl and her friends sang the song "We are the Lord's Little Lambs." Her mother sang the song "Yesterday." This was moving to the people in the square, and more than 20 people prayed to receive Christ. The little girl's parents shared that the joy of the Lord was much greater than the happiness offered money or wealth.When news spread on Weibo, many Christians offered praise and encouragement. The little girl's father was very encouraged by this, saying "Today, in our work for the Lord, we have received many words of encouragement. Thank the Lord. That so many brothers and sisters have offered encouragement on Weibo has given me great strength. May the gospel arise in China and save the country and people from their sin. May God receive all the praise and glory. Amen!"

Original article and photo: 深圳福音小战士广场举牌传福音

Image credit: by Adam Nowek, via Flickr

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