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Loving China from Overseas

Promoting Revival and Transformation

Chinese pastors in New Zealand realized that a new season was coming and for this reason, they all shared the vision of New Zealand standing up and praying for New Zealand, for other countries, and especially for China.

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I Was All Prepared to Share—Or So I Thought!

Being prepared to share what I believe is a vital part of my spiritual wellbeing; here is an important tool for being prepared and knowing when others are prepared to hear.

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Webinar Recording: How Relevant Is the Gospel for the Chinese?

If you missed the live webinar, you can still access the presentation.

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Salt in the Soup

Three church leaders in China reflect on their experiences of “doing church” in the midst of a health crisis and quarantine.

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Mission Ministry in Hong Kong, Part 2

Sunset or Sunrise?

Yet, we should rest assured that God’s invitation for his children to take part in his mission plan has not changed. But in participating in God’s mission, the way of implementation should vary with the dynamics of world development which is also under God’s sovereignty.

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Mission Ministry in Hong Kong, Part 1

Sunset or Sunrise?

The whole Bible unveils the mission of God. He calls his people to take part in his missional plan. The churches in Hong Kong, in spite of the social disturbance, should keep pursuing the Great Commission as a mandate.

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Novel Gospel Opportunities

How One International Church in China Is Maximizing New Gospel Opportunities

What happens when the church is being the church.

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Doors Are Still Open

With an Appropriate Approach

Green farming and the gospel. 

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Heading Home with Jesus

A Book Recommendation

A book for those reaching out to Chinese students and scholars with the gospel.

Supporting Article

An African in China

An Interview

Joann Pittman interviews “Tim,” a Zimbabwean student living in China, who shares his observations of similarities and differences between the two countries.