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In September, ChinaSource president Brent Fulton had the opportunity to speak at a large Chinese church missions conference in Hong Kong that was attended by over 900 church leaders from mainland China. At the conference, they announced the launch of an initiative to send 20,000 missionaries from China.

In November, churches all across China began to put legs to this initiative with a 1·1·1 Missions Campaign. One large house church in Beijing launched this campaign by handing out “globe banks.” Those in attendance were asked to donate money to missions by putting coins into the globe each day. We have translated the accompanying brochure.

The 1·1·1  Campaign

Missions isn’t difficult!

Missions begins with me!

Participate in promoting world missions!

The Goal of the Campaign:

1 person—if one person prays for one minute each day, the spiritual realm can be changed.

1 person—if one person gives one yuan each day, the course of world missions can be changed.

1 church—if each church can send one missionary to an unreached people group, the world can be changed.

How to participate

  1. Spend one minute every day praying for a missionary or a mission field
  2. Put one yuan into the globe bank ever day as a donation to missions.
  3. At the end of each month, take the money out of the globe bank and give the money to the church as a missions offering.
  4. Each participating church should plan to send at least one missionary to an unreached people group and encourage all Christians to be engaged in world missions.

Engage in missions

1.  In the home

  • Pray for missions before each meal.
  • Pray for missions before bedtime.
  • Pray for missions when you sit down to study.

2.  At work

  • At your office, pray for missions before you begin your work.

3.  At church

  • Give the money you collect to your local church.
  • Pray and ask how you can be involved.

Please join us in praying that God will bless this initiative and raise up many effective cross-cultural missionaries from within the Chinese Church.

Image credit: Globe, by John Tornow, via Flickr.
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