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Member Care Is Part of the Mission

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Member Care for Mainland Chinese Missionaries

Breaking New Ground in a Developing Field

Generational, cultural, and personal issues create challenges and advantages for Chinese cross-cultural missionaries and point to the need for member care. How can this need be met?

Supporting Article

Chinese Culture and the Ethos of Suffering in the Chinese Church

Ahern addresses the Chinese understanding of suffering for Christ, its place in the lives of three well-known Chinese pastors, and the place it should have in the lives of Chinese Christians today.

Book Reviews

Chinese Missionaries and the Care Gap—How to Help

China’s Ambassadors of Christ to the Nations: A Groundbreaking Survey by Tabor Laughlin‎ explores factors that contribute to Chinese missionaries’ ability to build relationships cross-culturally and the extent to which their experiences contribute to their retention on the mission field.

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Exploring Member Care for Workers from China

A Preview of the 2022 Autumn Issue of CSQ

It is our prayer that the articles in this issue will raise the profile of this vital service to God’s servants, prompting deeper discussion and sparking new practical efforts to prepare and to come alongside those being sent.

Blog Entries

Preparing for Cross-Cultural Ministry?

Six Recommendations from a Family Counselor

Chinese missionaries need to be prepared for the challenges and stressors of the mission field. A family counselor who is involved in member care has six recommendations for how to prepare beforehand and how to meet challenges once in the field.

Chinese Church Voices

Learning from a Grain of Wheat

A Chinese Christian serving overseas shares her experiences of learning to look to God and depending on him when faced with cultural and spiritual challenges.

Supporting Article

The Unfinished Story of Living Waters

A young Chinese church planter shares how an indigenous mission to migrant workers grew over several years. The group has taught and commissioned other young workers who move to satellite towns and cities around Beijing, and other major cities, to plant churches that focus on migrants.

Blog Entries

Serving China’s Missionary Church

Serving China’s missionary church will require seeing “success” through a new lens, defined not by big-budget projects and exotic stories, but by the faithfulness of those who are willing to labor in obscurity on the margins, often unannounced and unnoticed, with perhaps few visible results.