Indigenous Missions

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The Unfinished Story of Living Waters

A young Chinese church planter shares how an indigenous mission to migrant workers grew over several years. The group has taught and commissioned other young workers who move to satellite towns and cities around Beijing, and other major cities, to plant churches that focus on migrants.

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Serving China’s Missionary Church

Serving China’s missionary church will require seeing “success” through a new lens, defined not by big-budget projects and exotic stories, but by the faithfulness of those who are willing to labor in obscurity on the margins, often unannounced and unnoticed, with perhaps few visible results.

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Understanding the Challenges of Cross-cultural Workers from China

A New ResearchShare Paper

A PhD dissertation analyzing the experiences of cross-cultural workers sent from China is now available in Chinese.


China’s Ambassadors of Christ—Chinese Version

China’s Ambassadors of Christ to the Nations by Tabor Laughlin was published in 2020 by Pickwick Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock, as part of their Evangelical Missiological Society Monograph series.

The book is based on Laughlin’s PhD dissertation analyzing the experiences of missionaries sent out from mainland China and delves into the cross-cultural challenges they face and other issues affecting their ability to remain on the mission field.

A Chinese translation of the original dissertation is now available.

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Concerns of Cross-Cultural Workers from China

Ever wonder how cross-cultural workers from China evaluate themselves or their fellow workers? Would the issues be the same as workers from other locations?

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Students Joining in God’s Global Mission

Opportunities and Challenges

The author gives examples of students who became involved with missions and how this occurred; she looks at mission mobilization events and considers some of the challenges faced as students move into cross-cultural situations to present the gospel.

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Serving with Wisdom in the Changing Ideology

The governing leadership in China over the years has been consistent, indeed almost predictable. And, as such, as we look at the history of mission and church development in China, we can foresee what Christians in Hong Kong will face in the new normal.

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Seeking Shalom in a Hostile Environment

Frameworks for Discussion

Learning to think biblically in responding to challenging and changing times.


Honor-Shame Culture and Its Impact on Chinese Missionary Retention and Attrition

A paper considering several Chinese honor-shame cultural constructs that could potentially encourage retention and avoid premature and preventable missionary attrition of Chinese cross-cultural workers.

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Daniel—A Model for Hong Kong in Creating Shalom

The perplexities Daniel the prophet faced serving the holy Lord, while at the same time serving earthly kings in the midst of less than godly practices, can be relevant for the complexities we face today.