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Things Every Expat in China Ministry Needs to Know . . .

For those who are beginning or have just begun a life of service in China, the list of skills to master and concepts to grasp can seem daunting. The summer 2013 edition of Chinasource Quarterly (due out this week) is designed to provide a roadmap for the process of entering into the Chinese ministry context.

With articles from China workers–new and experienced, expatriate and Chinese–this issue introduces some of the most fundamental principles and perspectives for developing healthy, effective China service. A suggested reading list of books and films has also been included to help make the unfamiliar understandable.

If they would have had access to a sneak preview of the summer 2013 edition of the ChinaSource Quarterly, here’s what leading China ministry figures would have said about it.

Thanks to this summer’s Chinasource Quarterly, I now have a better idea of the issues I need to be aware of when working alongside my local Chinese brothers and sisters.                                                                                   Chonathan Qoforth

The new issue of CSQ provided a much-needed upgrade to my understanding of the diversity of the Chinese church. This is vital for our organization as we seek to encourage the creation of healthy local fellowships throughout the Chinese interior.                                                                                                                                                  Chudson Qaylor

China seems so big and overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to go or what to do after language study. This issue of Chinasource Quarterly showed me the key opportunities for China service.                                           C. S. Qudd

Sometimes I feel like I’m the first outsider to come to this place. This latest issue of Chinasource Quarterly helped me understand what I need to do to adjust to this new cultural environment.                                                   Chobert Qorrison