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Vision for Tomorrow: Opportunities in China’s New Era

Reflections on China, Part 2: Hope for the Present and the Future

The most important reason I am optimistic about ministry opportunities in China is because of the strength of China’s own church, and the skills and maturity of the expatriates who have gone the distance in China and are still there.

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China is Open—For Business and More

China is open for business, and a lot more. What is God calling you to do with that information? What might you try?

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An Unexpected Treasure

I can’t help thinking about how discouraged they must have been when they had to leave China so soon after working hard to learn the language and start a new ministry… But God wasn’t finished with either them or his people in China.

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The Impact of a Gospel-Centered Life

A Reflection on the Ministry and Writings of Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller’s passing is a cause for mourning. The Christian community has lost a champion of the faith, but I cannot help but feel joy and hope as I watched him from afar; as he faced the news of cancer, struggled through treatment, and never let go of the gospel even to the end. His testimony of a life well-lived . . . fills me with hope.

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Should We Still Consider China?

Seeing how long it takes to recruit and get a worker on the ground in China, I think that we are very wrong to stop recruiting for the Middle Kingdom. China is still a country with many who need Christ. Though the opportunities may be fewer and different, please don’t stop considering China!

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New Wine Means New Wineskins

We serve an unchanging God whose heart for the nations is unquenchable. New wine needs new wineskins. I encourage my fellow workers to prayerfully consider what these changes mean for…future work among the Chinese people, and to prepare [for] the new roles God has prepared for us.

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When Your Mission Hopes Are Blocked

Finding Plan B

Let’s pray that the Belt and Road Initiative and the wide diaspora of Chinese throughout the world, including the West, will be an expansion of opportunity to reach them, since the restrictions in China have become so limiting.

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To Stay or Not to Stay?

Is It Time to Leave China?

I suspect that many…have narrowed decisions about the future to one of two possible options: stay in China or return to one’s home country…. I see a compelling third option: relocate to an area outside of China to serve diaspora Chinese or train Chinese missionaries (or both).

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Living Out Our Paul Moment

Paul yearned to return to visit his fellow believers but he knew there was a moment he would have to leave them to lead their churches without his help…. Likewise, many of us may not get to see our Chinese brothers and sisters on this side of heaven again.

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Saving Grandmother’s Face and Other Tales from Christian Teachers in China

A Book Review

While it is difficult for foreigners to teach in China today, it is not impossible and still well worthwhile. The book reviewed here will bring back poignant memories for many and, we trust, be a reminder to pray for those who are still teaching in China.