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Finding Themselves in China

It has been said that for the person who has a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

For foreigners who go to China, it is often the case that what they find depends on what they’ve come looking for.

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Acknowledging and Managing the Tension

A Reader Responds to “Women and the Missio Dei in China”

Five tensions women face serving in the Missio Dei.

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The Ministry of Women in the Chinese Church

A reader responds to the spring issue of CSQ with insightful observations and questions.

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It’s Easter. It’s Been a Long Time. Why Am I Still Hurting?

Because that’s how grief works. It is not just a once in a lifetime thing, it comes back at unexpected moments.

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The Heart of a Single Servant

Hearing from the heart of a young, single, Christian woman ministering in China.

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Cancel Christmas?

Merry Christmas! May you be filled with the joy of Jesus’ birth; the news that cannot be canceled.

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3 Reasons to Celebrate from One Who Stayed

For those of us “left behind” or who chose to stay behind in China, there has been much to lament. But, there has also been much to celebrate.

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Kids and Masks—Challenges in the Pandemic

As COVID-19 lingers on, it does not seem that this threat to public health has caused our Chinese friends to question eternal things more than before. We do, however, have open doors with neighbors that we never had before.

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Peace on the Inside

We would never have asked to go through this period, and we are hoping we won’t have an encore performance with a second wave this winter, but we are thankful for God’s unwavering presence throughout this crazy year.