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Marital Issues Facing Chinese Missionaries

Marital satisfaction greatly affects missionaries’ effectiveness and length of ministry. After looking at reasons missionary marriages succeed, Tsai provides suggestions for providing support for Chinese missionaries.

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A Tool for Those Who Care for Chinese Missionaries

A handbook that introduces a holistic approach to caring for Chinese missionaries.


Becoming More Fruitful in Cross-Cultural Work

How To Be Free in Christ and Rooted in Reality as You Fulfill Your Call

Amy Young discusses how to avoid ministry burnout by focusing on our spiritual life. As Paul advocates in his letter to the Galatians, she desires that you walk with the Spirit and experience true freedom in Christ. This freedom and fruitfulness exist in three directions: with God, others, and yourself.

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When I Say Fruitful, You Think What?

I wondered, “Did God call you to the field to set others free in Christ while you stay trapped in an unintended form of ministry bondage?” What if collectively we moved our metrics down a peg and allowed walking with the Spirit to be the true measure of fruitfulness? 

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What if Christianity Is No Longer Successful?

May the stories we tell in this new era be stories of God’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of his people. The gospel is still unique and true, even when it is not clothed in the outward signs of success.

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An Unwelcomed Journey Out of China

[T]he Almighty invites us to trust and remember that he appoints the when and where of our life. We struggle in faith to respond as Job did in the face of his own adversity: You brought us into China, and you brought us out of China.

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Skills No Longer Needed

Re-entering a country that is “home” can be confusing. There is an unlearning—a releasing of some of the strategies that were only needed in a place with different rules and ways of living. We do not return as people who have stayed as we were before we left. There are things to shed; there are things to keep.

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How Are Your TCKs Doing?

In the past 18 months, our family has lived in six borrowed homes in two states. This has been the result of planning, packing, obtaining visas, multiple COVID tests, and then being denied the needed green code twice in our attempts to return to China

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FieldPartner Helps Workers and Sending Churches to Cross Cultures

For missions to be successful, cross-cultural workers need to be equipped to understand the new culture. Churches need training on how best to support their workers. FieldPartner is creating online content in English and Chinese to support both workers and sending churches.

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Nothing New under the Sun

There have been seasons in China’s history when the sky seemed the limit. The possibilities for believers seemed endless…. Yet, there have also been seasons when China was closed, seasons when nothing seemed possible. And usually these followed a very open season, such as was not too long ago.