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Chinese Church Voices: 10 Observed Trends on Chinese Christian Media

In June of 2012, ChinaSource launched a blog called Chinese Church Voices where we have been posting translations of content taken from Mainland Christian online sources websites, blogs, and micro-blogs. Our goal is to help give outsiders a chance to “listen in on the conversations” that Chinese Christians are having online.

I recently went back through the articles that we have posted to see if there were any observable trends. Here’s what I noticed (with links):

1. Churches are actively looking for ways to legitimately engage with and impact Chinese society.

Pastor Jin on the Church and Social Responsibility

Being Salt and Light in the World

2. Evangelism is a hot topic. There are numerous stories about churches and individuals doing evangelism; encouraging people to do evangelism; how to do evangelism.

What to Say During Spring Festival

A Young Christian “Soldier” in Shenzhen

3. Christian celebrities are becoming more open about their faith, writing about it on their personal blogs and speaking about it in public appearances.

Testimony of a Christian Artist

4. Christians are joining conversations about and commenting on contemporary social issues. Christians write blog posts and articles in response to things happening in China. An example is the recent kidnapped and murdered baby in Jilin Province.

Another Baby Slaughtered; Where Was God?

5. There is coverage and commentary of what is happening in the church in the West. Many articles from Christianity Today or other similar sources are translated and posted on the major sites or on personal blogs.

Chinese Christians Pray for Rick Warren

6. Christians, especially pastors, are openly discussing some of the unique challenges facing the church in China.

Four Issues for the Chinese Church

Five Major Challenges Facing the Church

7. Pastors, particularly, are speaking and writing about leadership and management issues. How does a church do vision? How does it organize itself? What is the role of small groups?

Management Issues in the Rural Church

The Church Today is on a Training Ground

An Urban Migrant Pastor Discusses His Church’s Vision

A Beijing Pastor Discusses the Vision of His Church

Training and Discipleship Methods in Chinese Churches

8. There are discussions on the role of the Chinese church in missions. Occasionally there are reports from Chinese missionaries, and calls for prayer.

The Chinese Church and the Global Body of Christ

Testimony: A Tibetan Christian Doctor

Overseas Missions: The Chinese Church in Action

The Rise of a Missions-Minded Chinese Church

9. There are numerous straight news stories of what various churches around the country are doing holding training seminars; conducting revivals; engaging in social welfare activities.

The Grand Opening of China’s Largest Church

China Opens its First Church for the Blind

10. There are numerous reports on churches in minority areas of SW China, but fewer on churches in the northwest.

The Power of the Gospel: A Miao Village that is 80% Christian

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Joann Pittman

Joann Pittman

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