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Sharing Christian Marriage and Family Testimonies Online


Territory境界 is a new media ministry available through the internet, especially via WeChat, a popular social media software. After being closed down once, they have changed their WeChat ID to: ijingjie

Territory collects and publishes Christian testimonies about marriage and family life that are widely circulated in China. They seek to provide:

  • faith testimonies of the 80s and 90s generations
  • articles on relationships, marriages, and families that have been healed by God
  • testimonies from life in the workplace
  • testimonies sharing about struggles, circumstances, or hardships, and how those challenges were overcome or how the believer learned to live and cope with the situation
  • commentary on current events from a faith perspective
  • testimonies and commentary dealing with educational issues, stories about parent-child relationships, and how children have influenced their parents

Recent articles include two testimonies, one of a young lady from the 80s generation and another of an older couple and their long-term marriage relationship.

Shouwang Church Family E-Magazine

Beijing Shouwang Church has published an online magazine for many years. They recently opened a section on Christian marriage and family living written by mainland Chinese Christians.

Recent articles include:

  •  “Live with Love, and Flee from Abortions”
  •  “Building the Family upon a Rock”
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