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“Raised from Dust” and “The Only Sons “

Films by Gan Xiao’er

China-based, independent filmmaker, Gan Xiao’er has created two films that explore the lives of modern-day Christians in China. Each film tells the story of a Chinese Christian whose family members are caught up in personal crises that threaten financial ruin and challenge the believer’s faith. Beautiful cinematography provides stunning backdrops for heartbreaking stories that bring to life the realities Christians in China face in their daily lives.

Gan Xiao’er is an independent filmmaker based in China. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1998 and has been teaching at the South China Normal University since his graduation. He set up The Seventh Seal Film Workshop in 2000 with a commitment to producing feature films that explore the spiritual life of the Chinese.     

Raised from Dust is available at Fandor and Amazon

The Only Sons is available at International Film Festival Rotterdam

Header image courtesy of Southern China Countryside by La Priz, on Flickr
Raised from Dust image: AmazonThe Only Sons image: IFFR

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