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Online Meeting Platforms

As the world ground to a halt this year due to the COVID pandemic, have you wondered what it would have been like to get through this without the internet?

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Dreams and Disillusionment

Shanghai Free Taxi: A Book Review

If you’ve lived in China (Shanghai, particularly), you’ll love Shanghai Free Taxi. If you’re making plans to go to China, it’s a great introduction. If neither, read it anyway. You'll smile and learn stuff along the way!

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Now We Know

The shared experience of sharing space. 

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Where Did They Get That Idea?

Eploring the parallels of two different New Year celebrations.

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A Few Good Podcasts

What better way to enjoy autumn than listening to a China-related podcast? 

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Scenario #4

Four possible scenarios for China’s development were identified back in 2007. Which one, if any, will we see in the year 2020?

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China’s Social Credit System: Less Than Meets the Eye?

Understanding and evaluating the social credit system. 

Chinese Church Voices

Thoughts on a Current Chinese Film

"In human history there have been countless times that have proved that people who try to obstruct this good news are only like praying mantises trying to stop chariots. People who enthusiastically try to replace the good news with something else not only lose their opportunity to get on the ship, even their enthusiasm will soon be swallowed up into a great nothingness."

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Remembering the 2008 Beijing Olympics

A Reading Round-up

Ten years ago I was in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games. I had been in the city since it was announced as the host, and watched it get ready— stadiums to construct; roads to build; subway lines to put in. The city transformed itself before our eyes.  

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The Wenchuan Earthquake—10 Years Later

On May 12, 2008, the ground began to shake in Sichuan Province. By the time it stopped, nearly 100,000 people had lost their lives.