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An Interview with a Missions Leader in China (2)

My vision is for training with the goal of fruitfulness. There is a great movement happening in the Chinese church, but there isn’t a great deal of actual church planting happening. How do we help them to bear fruit?

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Expatriates Serving in China’s New Era

Recent Developments, Future Prospects

Many of China’s expatriate ministry professionals, increasingly finding difficulties in ministering, are turning to serving the church in China remotely. The author explores the issues influencing whether expatriate Christians can continue to live and minister within China.

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Talking about China

If you haven’t yet sampled our regular podcast, ChinaSource Conversations, I’d like to invite you to take a moment to listen. Each episode features engaging discussions with guests who are involved in a particular aspect of China service or who are writing about pertinent issues affecting China and its church. I’ve personally enjoyed sitting down with several of these colleagues and hearing their insights on the things they’re passionate about. We’ve captured these conversations so you can get a taste of what’s happening in the parts of China where they serve.

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Gospel Advancement in the Marketplace

The gospel is advancing in the workplaces of China. Learn more in the August episode of ChinaSource Conversations

ChinaSource Conversations

Serving Marketplace Leaders in China

A ChinaSource Podcast

This podcast looks at faith in the workplace through the lens of a new study on Christian marketplace leaders in China. Tyler and Mark, the principal researchers, discuss their own experiences in working with Chinese Christian CEOs and reflect on lessons learned from their recent study. Tyler is originally from the United States, where he worked in finance before moving to Hong Kong with his family. Mark is from China, where he serves as a pastor to Christian business leaders.

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Business as Mission or Business as Blessing?

Are you looking to start a business to fulfill a mission or to bless a community? The latest ChinaSource Conversations podcast, “Businesses that Bless,” seeks to answer that and other questions related to doing business in China.

ChinaSource Conversations

Businesses that Bless

A ChinaSource Podcast

Brent Fulton, president of ChinaSource talks to Gary Hopwood, chief global officer for David C. Cook, and Nora Hughes, the founder of Business4Blessing about doing business in China to bless the people and the community. They distinguish the business-as-blessing concept from other ways of viewing using business to bring the gospel to a community, including characteristics of a business that blesses a community and how to get started in this kind of business.

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From the Pulpit to the Marketplace

In the new occasional journal Missions and Vocations, Rev. Ronald Yu, President of China Ministries International, traces his journey from pastor to missional entrepreneur.

Chinese Church Voices

Business as Mission with Chinese Characteristics

Two takes on business as mission from a Chinese perspective.

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Business as Mission—What I Have Seen

Lessons from a Christian doing business in China.