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Gospel Advancement in the Marketplace

The gospel is advancing in the workplaces of China.

Fresh research indicates that the gospel is advancing numerically, with the growth of Christians among business leaders outpacing that among the rest of the population. Evangelism is a common practice Christian CEOs in China, most of whom report sharing their faith on a regular basis.

The gospel is also advancing in terms of influence. Christian CEOs are uniquely positioned to impact the lives of their employees and other leaders within their communities.

In the latest episode of ChinaSource Conversations, we take an in-depth look at Christian marketplace leaders in China through the lens of a recently completed study on how these leaders live out their faith in the workplace. Here are some highlights from the findings:

  • Personal spiritual habits and evangelism are highly valued and often practiced by marketplace leaders, yet these practices do not necessarily translate into discipleship among their employees.
  • Strong family life is another commonly held value. Leaders may participate in and promote family-related ministries. Yet the family remains one of the most difficult areas in which to live out their faith. The problem appears to be less a lack of adequate teaching and more a need for discipleship; there exists a shortage of role models who are able to shepherd others in this area.
  • Business leader fellowships and workplace ministry are seen as the “gears” that allow church and marketplace to connect. Traditionally these two spheres have been worlds apart, but both desperately need the other in order to live out a consistent gospel across all areas of life.
  • Marketplace leaders have a unique role to play as both Chinese businesses and the Chinese Christian movement move beyond China’s borders.
  • Generosity and stewardship currently do not rank as high values among Christian business leaders, although, presented with opportunities to give, many respond favorably. Here is another area where role models are lacking and more discipleship is needed.

Listen to this episode of ChinaSource Conversations, "Serving Marketplace Leaders," to learn more about the faith of China’s marketplace leaders and opportunities to encourage them as they play a unique role in the Christian community of China.

Image credit: Sunlight Toy Factory Tangxia China by Chris via Flickr.

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Brent Fulton

Brent Fulton

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