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If you haven’t yet sampled our regular podcast, ChinaSource Conversations, I’d like to invite you to take a moment to listen. Each episode features engaging discussions with guests who are involved in a particular aspect of China service or who are writing about pertinent issues affecting China and its church. I’ve personally enjoyed sitting down with several of these colleagues and hearing their insights on the things they’re passionate about. We’ve captured these conversations so you can get a taste of what’s happening in the parts of China where they serve.

Together for his glory in China,

Brent Fulton

One year ago we launched ChinaSource Conversations as a forum for discussing faith and life in China. Through these podcasts we’ve been able to delve into specific aspects of China ministry, examining the current opportunities and challenges through the eyes of those who are working in these areas day in and day out. These conversations provide not only an update on key topics; they also allow us to learn from the lives of those serving as they unpack their own stories of how God led them into their current roles

For some, their focus in ministry is the culmination of a life of learning, exploration and practice—of years or even decades spent in China and discovering a special calling.  Others who grew up in China trace their pilgrimage of faith and the events that led to their taking on some very unique challenges, whether in business, education, or developing leaders.

We’ve also talked with our guests, who have included several authors, about what they’re reading and what they’re writing. Our survey of the “China bookshelf” was particularly fascinating, as our guests recommended, with more than a little passion, the “must reads” that have helped shape their own perceptions of China. Each podcast includes suggested resources, providing a great jumping-off point for further exploration of the topic discussed.

In case you’ve missed ChinaSource Conversations, here is a rundown of the topics we have covered to date. We hope you’ll listen in and join the conversation!

News and Notes

  • Brent Fulton was quoted in a Global Times article about government policy toward the house church in China.
  • Brent Fulton spoke at Evangelical Community Church in Hong Kong on August 7.
  • On August 13 Hannah Lau spoke at Zion Bishan Bible Presbyterian Church’s women’s ministry in Singapore.

Ways to Pray

  • Ask the Lord to use ChinaSource Conversations to inspire and equip those whom He has called to serve in China or among Chinese peoples elsewhere.
  • Pray for Christians in China who have recently received jail sentences for “subversion” due to their legal work on behalf of minorities and others facing discrimination by the government. Ask God to give China’s Christian leaders wisdom as they serve in an increasingly repressive political climate.
  • Pray for the production of “The Church in China Today,” the newest ChinaSource Institute online course, due to be released at the end of the summer.

In Case You Missed It 

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