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Reviewing and Rejoicing in What God Has Done

In the 2013-2014 Annual Report, ChinaSource President Brent Fulton writes:

ChinaSource emerged in the late 1990s as a clearinghouse of relevant information serving the myriad churches and organizations that at the time were becoming involved in China. Since its beginnings at Wheaton College's Billy Graham Center, ChinaSource has grown into an international organization, now based in Asia, serving hundreds of leaders in the global Christian community. Our mission: To be a trusted source engaging the global Christian community with critical knowledge needed to collaborate with and serve the Chinese church and society.

Over these years the needs of China and its church have changed. As China is positioned to make an enduring impact on the world, so the church in China is poised like never before to effect significant change in the Chinese society and nation.

ChinaSource has endeavored to keep pace by encouraging greater collaboration between Christians inside and outside China. Our focus on urban China has led us into areas such as leader development, ministry among urban migrants, and nurturing Christian business leaders. More recent initiatives have included encouraging the growth of Christian education and of stewardship and generosity among Christians in China.

Throughout our history, our work has been inspired by a vision of God's people working collaboratively in holistic ministry to proclaim His reign in China's cities. Under our current 2012-2014 strategic plan we have deepened our relationships with leading Christian voices within China and introduced these into the global Christian conversation through ChineseChurchVoices.We have brought scores of leaders together in consultations around issues they have identified as important. Internally we have streamlined our operations and strengthened our board.

The 2013-2014 annual report is available here. We trust you will be encouraged as you read the highlights shared in this report. We are grateful for your partnership in pursuit of the Lord's purposes in and through China.

Give Thanks!Give Thanks to the Lord!

Psalm 107:1

At the end of this month in the United States we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. In addition to thanking God for all that we have in Jesus Christ and the opportunity to be involved in serving His church in China, we also thank God for you, our readers and supporters.

God has used you -- your interest in the church in China, your prayers, and your generous financial support -- to enable us to respond to the changing situation facing the Chinese church. Thank you!

The ChinaSource Team

For Prayer:

  • Thank God for his blessing in the lives and work of the ChinaSource staff during the past year.
  • Thank God for guidance in the work he has entrusted to us and the means to carry it out.
  • Pray for wisdom in writing and implementing our strategic plan for the next three years.
  • Pray for needed staff and the wise use of available resources.
  • Thank God for the prayer and financial supporters he has raised up to partner with us.

ChinaSource Team

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