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Zhongguancun Online Begins Selling Good Shepherd Audio Bible Player Online

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In China, printed Bibles are still only legally sold and distributed through registered churches. However, online Bibles such as O-Bible and YouVersion, and audio Bible machines (mp3 player) are becoming popular. This article is about an audio Bible player that is currently on sale in China.

(September 22, 2011)

In the past few years many believers have come to love the Audio Bible Player. According to the Zhongguancun Online website, in the past few days two models of the "Good Shepherd" Audio Bible Player have become available for purchase online. Some models include the audio Bible, "Good Friend" Radio Station, FM radio, and short wave radio capabilities.

According to Zhongguancun Online, the S-009 and S-199 models of the Good Shepherd Audio Bible Player are now for sale online. The "Good Shepherd" Audio Bible Player includes the Old and New Testaments, along with some available memory for users to download other content. Some models include the audio Bible, "Good Friend" Radio Station, FM radio, and short wave radio capabilities.

The S-199 Audio Bible Player, which is currently being sold online, is easy to use. Within 30 seconds, anyone can learn how to navigate it. Furthermore, with 57M loudspeakers, the Audio Player makes it easy for elderly believers to listen to the Word. It also comes with earphones, so as not to disturb other people. The "Good Shepherd" Audio Bible Player also has a one-button switchover function, allowing one to navigate between the Old Testament, New Testament, Bible stories, hymns, sermons, etc. This button is the square button at the bottom of the cross.

When you press pause, the S-199 Audio Bible Player also remembers where it stopped, and the next time it will continue from that location. The On/Off switch is in the middle of the cross. Even after turning it off, it will begin from the last location when turned on again. The S-199 "Good Shepherd" Audio Bible Player includes the audio Bible, "Good Friend" Radio Station, FM radio, and short wave radio capabilities. Many "Good Friend" radio stations are preset its like buying a DSP short wave radio and an Audio Bible Player in one.T

he S-009 Audio Bible Player is an all-purpose high-end digital Audio Bible Player. It has all the functions of an MP5, along with a high-definition color touch screen and a charger. You can also read along as you listen, and you can look up verses. You can read e-books while listening to music, and you can also record. Besides the actual audio Bible, you can add or delete content according to your own needs. It plays all types of media files. It has high quality loud speakers so you dont have to use earphones, and it is easy to take with you because it is so small (smaller than a cell phone, so you can hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket).

Source: Gospel Times

Image credit: by Éamonn O'Brien-Strain, via Flickr


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