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The Price of Discipleship

From the series God’s Work in China During Covid Lockdowns

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In the last three years, my journey as a minister to students on university campuses has been marked by unprecedented challenges within student fellowships. As campuses locked down to curb the spread of covid, and the government discouraged student gatherings, the pressure on our fellowship groups intensified. Yet, despite these adversities, our faith remained unyielding, compelling us to persist in our meetings.

Our unwavering commitment did not escape scrutiny. Authorities and fellow students grew increasingly hostile, vehemently opposing our gatherings. Many of our fellow believers had their personal information compromised, and the school administration applied significant pressure, discouraging our gatherings at every turn.

Amidst this persecution, one incident stood out—a devout Christian student, targeted for his faith, was disqualified from direct admission to graduate school. His only crime was his unwavering belief in Jesus.

These trials forced us to confront the true cost of discipleship, echoing the wisdom of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He reminded us that following Jesus meant abandoning our old selves, embracing a life free from materialism and societal comforts. These challenges were not mere misfortunes; they were the universal cost of our faith.

In the face of adversity, we were asked a profound question: Are we willing to pay the price to follow Jesus? This period of persecution became a crucible, testing our faith and convictions. Despite the hardships, our resolve remained unshaken, our faith stronger than ever before.

Editor’s note: If you missed the introduction to this series, “God at Work During 3 Years of Isolation,” be sure to check it out!

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