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China Christian Council and Luis Palau Association Meet Virtually

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For reasons apparent to all, there have not been many in-person communications between the China Christian Council and overseas ministries since the pandemic. This article from the China Christian Council indicates that, via virtual conference, overseas ministries can still have contact and cooperation with CCC and other organizations inside mainland China.

China Christian Council and Luis Palau Association Held a Virtual Conference

On the morning of June 17, 2021, China Christian Council (CCC) and the Luis Palau Association (LPA) held a virtual meeting. The two sides reminisced about their long-term friendship and shared with each other regarding their fight against COVID-19 and their work during the epidemic.

Rev. Shen Xuebin, vice president of the CCC, introduced the active engagement of the Chinese churches in the fight against COVID-19. Under the guidance of the Chinese government and with the efforts of the Chinese people, China has made great achievements in containing the coronavirus. China also has cooperated with other countries to fight the pandemic. He also shared the good news that churches in China have now resumed services and activities with attendees maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. Rev. Shen Xuebin then showed images of visits between the CCC and the LPA over two decades ago and recalled the good and long-standing relationship between the two sides.

Pastor Andrew Palau, son of international evangelist Luis Palau, said that he appreciated the condolences sent from the church in China and the China Religious Culture Communication Association (CRCCA) immediately after his father passed away. He sincerely expressed that, although the pandemic prevented them from meeting one another face-to-face, he had kept praying for Chinese believers. He hoped that the friendship between the LPA and the Chinese people would carry on from generation to generation since that was his father’s hope. Mr. Levi Park, director of the LPA’s Global Mission, also attended the virtual meeting and expressed his expectation of on-going interaction and cooperation with the church in China.

Staff members of the CRCCA and Ms. Gu Jingqin, interim director of CCC&TSPM’s Overseas Relations Department participated in the virtual meeting.

Luis Palau was one of the most renowned American evangelists, who founded the Luis Palau Association and held numerous gatherings in America and other parts of the world. His son Andrew Palau also worked as a member of the LPA. The LPA engages in preaching the gospel, social services, charity and aid work, and so on. Luis Palau visited China several times and was invited to preach in some churches.

Original article: 中国基督教协会与美国路易帕劳协会举行视频会议, 中国基督教网
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