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Vol. 19, No. 4

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Facing Transitions

From the editor's desk

Lead Article

When the Pillar Moves: Transition and Providential Grace

Ministry transitions occur for a variety of reasons, but God is faithful and directs the paths of each person and family.

Supporting Article

Of Returns and Runways

The author shares the experiences of his family and God’s provisions after leaving China and returning to the United States.

Supporting Article

The Church’s Role with Returnees from China

Suggestions are given for practical ways in which churches can help ease the transition of cross-cultural workers returning from China to their home country.

Supporting Article

Debriefing before the Final Goodbye

The author provides debriefing questions that can assist in evaluating life in China and aid in healthy transitions.

View From the Wall

Opportunities and Challenges When Foreign Workers Leave China

A Chinese author reflects on the positives and negatives that leaders, seminaries, and churches face when cross-cultural workers leave the country.

Peoples of China

Kids in Transition

An experienced, cross-cultural worker shares important factors that helped his children make a positive transition from Chinese to US culture.

Book Reviews

Transitions Made Easier

From over 20 years of experience living in Asia, Amy Young has written a handbook to assist cross-cultural workers as they make transitions in a godly manner.

Resource Corner

Resources to Help You with Transitions

Information about retreats, seminars, debriefings, and books to help both you and your family with transitions.

Intercessory Notes

Intercessory Notes

Vol. 19, No. 4

Items that require your intercession.

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