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Being a Faithful Steward in an Increasingly Wealthy China


In this podcast Dr. Scott Rodin talks about efforts to develop faithful stewards among believers in China through the Faith and Generosity in China Initiative. Dr. Rodin is an author, speaker, and former seminary president. He also served for many years on the ChinaSource board of directors, most recently as chairman.  

After elaborating on the concept of the faithful steward, Scott looks at the uniqueness of China today as relates to the growing need for biblical stewardship teaching. Although we often think of finances when the topic of stewardship is mentioned, the notion of the faithful steward extends to all areas of life. Scott specifically speaks to the need for a steward mentality in marriage and in how one views one’s reputation.

The podcast closes with an introduction to several new resources being made available in China in the coming months. To access these resources go to the Good and Faith Steward website (忠心好管家 in Chinese) or search WeChat for 忠心好管家. Check back often for new resources coming on line later this year and in the first half of 2017.

For information on ordering the simplified script edition of The Sower: Redefining the Ministry of Raising Kingdom Resources, a guide to biblical fundraising for non-profit leaders, please contact ChinaSource.

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