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Ownership and the Church in China

From Boss to Steward

The question of church property ownership points to a much deeper issue within the unregistered church.

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Chinese Culture and Christian Stewardship

Chinese believers respond to biblical stewardship.

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An Anti-Management Management Book

The Choice—A short and straightforward read with one profound insight at its core. . .

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Will China Become Generous?

According to China Daily, one out of every thousand people in China is a multimillionaire. Yet China’s newfound wealth does not yet appear to be translating into greater generosity. In a worldwide survey, the London-based Charities Aid Foundation ranked China last among 140 countries. Could that change?

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Being a Faithful Steward in an Increasingly Wealthy China

In this podcast Dr. Scott Rodin talks about efforts to develop faithful stewards among believers in China through the Faith and Generosity in China Initiative. After elaborating on the concept of the faithful steward, Scott looks at the uniqueness of China today as relates to the growing need for biblical stewardship teaching. He then closes with an introduction to several new resources being made available in China in the coming months.

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Stewardship Resources for China

What resources are available for the church in China on financial management and stewardship? 

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3 Questions: Transparency and Generosity

A ChinaSource "3 Questions" interview with Dr. Gary Hoag, ECFA International Liaison, and Dr. Sas Conradie of Global Generosity Network on the relationship between transparency and generosity. 

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Being a Good and Faithful Steward in China

The latest issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly looks at stewardship in the lives of Christians in China. Compiled as part of ChinaSource’s Faith and Generosity in China Initiative, this issue explores the biblical basis for what it means to be a steward in God’s kingdom, as well as the practical outworking of this steward lifestyle in the particular cultural context of China.

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The Joy of Generosity

Experience in the business world followed by extensive Bible study produced within Dayton a desire to be generous. As a result, he founded organizations to teach others the life-changing principles he had discovered. In this article, he discusses attitudes towards giving, advantages in giving, and how to determine the amount we should give.

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The Life That Is Truly Life

What is the difference between true life and counterfeit life? Ownership versus stewardship, the source of happiness as well as our security along with where we look for the provision of our needs are all elements that play a part in having true life. Moving from a counterfeit life into true life does not happen overnight but is a day-by-day journey as we trust in God.