Voices from the Past

Over the last two hundred years a host of men, women, and children from around the world have dedicated their lives to establishing the Kingdom of God in China. This book makes it possible for today’s Christians to benefit from the past experience of these missionary giants.

Drawing on the wisdom of well-known China workers such as Hudson Taylor, Timothy Richard, John Nevius, and William Milne, each of the included thirty quotations addresses a different aspect of cross-cultural missions in China. As readers work through the brief selections over a thirty-day period, they will discover many new insights to guide their prayers and drive their missionary methods towards greater faithfulness.

Whether a newcomer to China mission, a prayer warrior from far away, or an experienced China hand in search of renewal, all Christians with an interest in seeing God’s Kingdom in China grow will be challenged and encouraged by this book.

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Andrew T. Kaiser

Andrew T. Kaiser, author of Voices from the Past: Historical Reflections on Christian Missions in China, The Rushing on of the Purposes of God: Christian Missions in Shanxi since 1876,  and Encountering China: The Evolution of Timothy Richard’s Missionary Thought (1870–1891) (Evangelical Missiological Society Monograph Series Book 1)has been living …View Full Bio