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A Bell That Was Not Silenced

The bell was sent to a scrap company during the Cultural Revolution. Twenty years later, when St. Paul's Church was renovated, the missing bell left a void that could not be filled.

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The TSPM—Seeing Beyond History

This enduring narrative of the TSPM is an integral part of the larger Persecuted Church narrative that continues to dominate conversations about the church in China both in Christian and secular circles.

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The Life and Ministry of Emma Ekvall

A blind girl begging in Wuchang, China in 1919 stirred the heart of Emma Ekvall. The school she founded continues in operation today upon the anniversary of this pioneer missionary’s 150th birth.

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Training Laborers for His Harvest

A Book Review

An exploration of William Milne’s mentorship of Liang Fa, the first ordained Chinese pastor.

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A Response to Richard Cook

Few things are more meaningful to a scholar than to have their work read carefully by respected authorities in their field. I am deeply honored that Richard Cook chose to devote his time and attention to such a close reading of my research on . . . Timothy Richard.

Book Reviews

Encountering China

A Book Review

Cook reviews this recent volume about the first half of Timothy Richard’s career and evaluates the book’s content and approach.

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History as a Theological Laboratory

More from the webinar “Real Lives of Real Missionaries: Timothy Richard (1845-1919)."

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A Foot Wide on the Edge of Nowhere

A Book Review

The story of Olive and Theo Simpkin.

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Lessons from Timothy Richard

“Real Lives of Real Missionaries: The Life and Ministry of Timothy Richard,” a webinar presented by Dr. Andrew Kaiser.


Encountering China: The Evolution of Timothy Richard’s Missionary Thought (1870–1891)

Welsh Baptist missionary to China Timothy Richard (1845-1919) was once widely regarded as "one of the greatest missionaries whom any branch of the Church, whether Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, or Protestant, has sent to China." Today, few have heard of Richard and his remarkable lifetime of ministry in China.