The Rushing on of the Purposes of God

Christian Missions in Shanxi since 1876

Studies in Chinese Christianity

This sweeping survey is the first complete account of nearly 150 years of Protestant missions in Shanxi Province, China. Beginning with the arrival of the Protestant missionaries during the 1878 North China Famine and the fiery test of the 1900 Boxer Uprising and subsequent martyrdom of hundreds of Shanxi Christians, this important book brings together the historical accounts of the spread of Christianity in the province all the way up to the present.

From the personal papers and contemporary records of the missionaries, Kaiser draws a vivid picture of the women and men who devoted their lives to advancing the cause of the gospel in Shanxi. He weaves the stories of bold local Christians like Pastor Hsi and such notable missionaries as Gladys Aylward, Timothy Richard, Hudson Taylor, and the Cambridge Seven into the broader tapestry of China missions, tracing the birth and development of a thriving and dynamic Shanxi church.

Drawing on mission archives, academic studies, and firsthand knowledge, this fusion of scholarly inquiry with missionary biography aims to both inspire and inform, making the lessons of the missionary past available to a new generation of readers. Buy on Amazon.

Andrew T. Kaiser

Andrew T. Kaiser, author of Voices from the Past: Historical Reflections on Christian Missions in China, The Rushing on of the Purposes of God: Christian Missions in Shanxi since 1876,  and Encountering China: The Evolution of Timothy Richard’s Missionary Thought (1870–1891) (Evangelical Missiological Society Monograph Series Book 1)has been living …View Full Bio