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To Aquire the Chinese Language

For those of you hard at work learning the Chinese language, an encouraging word:

"To acquire the Chinese [language] is a work for men with bodies of brass, lungs of steel, heads of oak, hands of spring-steel, eyes of eagles, hearts of apostles, memories of angels, and lives of Methuselah!"

William Milne of the London Missionary Society, 1814

This quotation is from one of the greatest of the early Chinese linguists, an Englishman who is today remembered for the many Chinese lives transformed through his Chinese-language tracts and other literary contributions. Hang in there! In time Milne succeeded in mastering the language, enabling him to bless many, many people. Just because something is difficult does not mean that it cannot be done.

Image credit: Yum cha, by Phil Whitehouse, via Flickr