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Empowering Chinese Church Leaders with Thriving Leaders

Thriving Leaders, an innovative learning solution focused on empowering Chinese pastors and church leaders, has been making remarkable strides since its launch in 2022. This resource is dedicated to nurturing and inspiring both young and experienced leaders within the local Chinese church community. The mission is to provide Chinese church leaders with the necessary resources to foster the growth of their ministries and fulfill God’s calling on their lives all while protecting individuals’ privacy and security needs.

What sets Thriving Leaders apart is its collaborative approach, which involves trainers from various Chinese churches and seminaries worldwide coming together to create courses tailored for Chinese church leaders. One such course, “Shepherding Your Flock through Grief and Trauma,” equips pastors and church leaders with the necessary tools to guide their congregations through times of pain and suffering. “Fundamental Truths” introduces basic theology, while “Overview of the New Testament” offers Bible school level training to Chinese pastors, all at no cost.

Click here to watch an intro video on the Thriving Leaders’ YouTube channel. Or click the image below.

Recently a woman found the course “Shepherding Your Flock through Grief and Trauma” while searching Baidu. After completing the course, she expressed a desire to be trained as a trauma healing group facilitator.  Connections were made with those who specialize in training leaders to guide others through grief processing. Praise the Lord that people are personally benefiting from the online course and growing in their ability to minister to others.

For nearly a year now, Thriving Leaders has been offering interactive digital training sessions and a plethora of resources to Chinese churches across the globe. This initiative has seen participation from individuals in over 70 different countries, who have accessed an extensive collection of video-based training modules and a library of free books available at their website.

In a strategic partnership with organizations such as BibleProject, 9Marks, Lifeway, FEB Canada, and others, Thriving Leaders ensures that Chinese-speaking leaders have access to excellent Chinese language materials. This collaboration enhances the quality and depth of resources available to support the development of church leaders.

Thriving Leaders invites Chinese-speaking leaders from around the world to join their community and take advantage of these valuable resources. By visiting the Thriving Leaders website, individuals can learn from a network of like-minded leaders, deepen their understanding of the Bible, and actively participate in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Opportunities to partner with Thriving Leaders as content providers and trainers also exist. To find out more about our work and how to partner in building up Chinese pastors, please contact

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