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Perspectives—in Mandarin and Virtual

Perspectives, a fifteen-week course designed around four vantage points or “perspectives,” is being offered virtually in Mandarin for the first time in the US. The four perspectives, biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic, highlight different aspects of God’s global purpose.

  • The biblical and historical sections reveal why our confidence is based on the historic fact of God’s relentless work from the dawn of history until this day.
  • The cultural and strategic sections underscore that we are in the midst of a costly, but very “do-able” task, confirming the biblical and historical hope.

This class, hosted by the Chinese Bible Church of Maryland,

  • begins January 7, 2021
  • goes from 6:45–9:15 pm EST
  • is open to Mandarin-speaking believers with internet access

The first two lessons will be available free to allow interested people to register and experience the course before fully committing to it.

For more information go to Perspectives, Rockville, MD Virtual Mandarin Class.

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