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Summer Watch List

A Film Review Roundup

Every time I see a review, I want to watch the film, but I never remember by the time I can get around to it!

Friends, I have heard you, and am here to help.

Whether you are in summer mode or not, below is a handy list of the top films we’ve reviewed over the years. All of the films on this list are easily accessible through online streaming platforms.

Happy viewing!

  1. Ascension—An Academy Award-nominated documentary showing the pursuit of the “Chinese Dream” across social classes and how the Chinese are responding to wealth and progress.

  2. FoundA documentary centered around the lives of three American teenage girls, all of whom were adopted from China. Upon discovering that they are long-lost cousins, they embark on a journey to learn about their birth families.

  3. LeapA biographical sports drama that follows the journey of China’s women’s national volleyball team. Lang Ping joined the team at 18 years of age and later in her career goes on to coach both the US and China women’s teams in various Olympic competitions.

  4. The ClimbersBased on the true story of Chinese mountaineers in the 1960s who successfully summited Mount Everest but failed to document it with photographic evidence. After being challenged by the international community, they embark on a second expedition to do it again in 1975.

  5. One Child NationA documentary about China’s one-child policy that was in effect from 1979 to 2015 and the effects it has had on contemporary Chinese society.

  6. People’s Republic of DesireA documentary on how live streaming has exploded in popularity in China with an inside look from the top, observing the most popular live streaming hosts, their extreme lives, and all their ups and downs.

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Hannah Lau

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