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A New Christmas Film: Why the Nativity?

A thought-provoking journey surrounding the most pivotal moment in human history—the birth of Jesus Christ.

One thing is certain about Christmas: It is not unexpected! We celebrate this glorious event every 12 months, every 365 days. We know it’s coming, we plan for it, and we love it—year after year without fail.

That said, there are unexpected dimensions to Christmas. For example, around the world Christmas is celebrated in many unique ways by people in different cultures. In Mexico they celebrate by carving intricate scenes out of radishes, in Japan dinner from KFC is a popular Christmas meal, in the Philippines they attended a nine-day series of morning masses, and in Venezuela they roller-skate to church. But on a deeper and more theological level, almost everything about the reason for Christmas and the first Christmas itself was remarkable. All the exceptional events of the first Christmas were just a backdrop for the most profound thing of all: the unexpected and unconditional love of God that motivated the birth of Christ.

Do we really understand the importance and authenticity of the birth of Jesus? Why the virgin Mary? Why a carpenter named Joseph? Why poor shepherds and wealthy kings seeking to worship a newborn king? And why are the Old Testament prophecies that predicted the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem so important to the Christmas story?

Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, noted pastor, author, and theologian Dr. David Jeremiah provides answers to some of the most thought-provoking questions surrounding the most pivotal moment in human history—the birth of Jesus Christ. Why the Nativity? explores questions, facts, and history seldom seen in traditional Nativity stories—from the influence of Roman rule, to the identities of the wise men, to the backstory of Mary and Joseph as children. This is the story of a couple accepting a monumental change, of a journey fraught with danger, of oppressive rule, of the lowliest of society together with kings and wise men from around the ancient world journeying to see a God not their own but worshipping him still.

As this story unfolds in stunning visual display, Dr. Jeremiah shares why each element of the nativity story is so important and how they all converge together at one specific moment in history. Citing traditional nativity passages from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Old Testament prophesies from Isaiah and Micah, historical documentation from secular sources, and tying them all back together with passages from the Gospel of John, Dr. Jeremiah shares insights and answers questions about the true story of Christmas that deepen our understanding of this event that changes the world.

Here’s What Really Matters This Holiday Season

Christmas can have a profound effect on people as it is a season of joyful reflection and hope. Our expectations of the Christmas season are typically high. Seeing smiles on children’s faces. Enjoying a relaxing time with family and friends. But for others the emptiness of a Christless Christmas can magnify unmet needs and expectations.

Jesus came into the world that he might come into your heart. He comes into your heart that you might come into his kingdom. The apostle John wrote, “In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him” (1 John 4:9).

What love God has displayed!

The Nativity is a story for the entire world, a timeless tale of the greatest gift of love and peace in an unstable world. A literal turning point in human history and the power of its influence today. Why the Nativity? is a fascinating presentation of biblical history with stunning visual dramatics creating an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Christmas!

Why the Nativity?

Because the birth of Christ changes everything. It changed the world, and it can change you. He can bring you joy in a world void of joy, hope in hopeless times, and peace in an uncertain world.

Why the nativity?

Because “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him, will not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Simply put. Why the nativity? You.

How to Watch Why the Nativity?

After producing television for more than 20 years, Turning Point Productions has produced its first feature-length production—Why the Nativity?

Dr. David Jeremiah serves as host of this docudrama film, walking audiences through the wonders of Christmas and how each question surrounding the Nativity story leads to historical and biblical answers that deliver a message of hope during the Christmas season. Taken directly from Dr. Jeremiah’s book Why the Nativity?, each segment of the movie focuses on a particular aspect of the Nativity story and aims to answer the “why would God choose this avenue?” questions. Why did God send Jesus at that point in history? “Because all roads led to Rome and Roman roads led everywhere,” as Dr. Jeremiah explains. It was the perfect time to bring the perfect person with a perfect message that could spread perfectly around the growing world. As the movie progresses more questions are posed and then answered using scripture and historical facts.

Why the Nativity? was made for everyone. Its creative approach to this classic story and cinematic quality will draw in both Christian and secular audiences. Enjoy a thought-provoking journey surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

Made available in English and Spanish for Christmas 2022, Why the Nativity? will be available in Mandarin (both simplified and traditional character versions) for Christmas 2023! It will air on cable in Taiwan and throughout Southeast Asia, as well as on YouTube and other digital platforms. In addition to the full-length feature, a Mandarin church kit will be available including:

  • Access to the entire film, viewable offline. This means you don’t have to rely on a good internet connection when you share the film with your church or community.
  • Special Christmas outreach event, “A Night at the Nativity,” promotional images and setup ideas. Host this event at your church and reach your community for Jesus while sharing the new film.
  • Customizable sermon outlines for a 4-week Why the Nativity? teaching series.
  • Correlating PowerPoint slides for every sermon. Easily customizable!
  • Social media and email templates for inviting the local community to your church.

This church kit will be available for both small groups and churches to use. Our hope and prayer is that Why the Nativity? (为何降生?) not only becomes a Christmas tradition for Chinese-speaking families both inside and outside of China, but also helps many begin an authentic relationship with Jesus, the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

About Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah is the founder and host of Turning Point and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, and he has been faithfully studying and teaching the Word of God for sixty years. Believing our dreams should always be greater than our memories, he continually trusts God to accomplish great things through Turning Point’s ministry around the globe. Dr. Jeremiah’s heart behind this film is that most people are more open to Christianity at Christmas time. The biblical story of the Nativity is well-recorded; however, over the centuries, tradition has often influenced the retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth—perhaps more than we realize.

The Bible presents a clear narrative of the story, but beyond just a few chapters of text much of the detail is left untold. These mysteries were unfolded through Dr. Jeremiah’s research and study originally recorded in the book Why the Nativity: 25 Compelling Reasons We Celebrate the Birth of Jesus. His desire for this story of love and sacrifice to be heard and seen by everyone is the driving force behind Why the Nativity’s production. After fifteen years from that original publication and thirty years of producing regular television programing, Turning Point premiered Dr. Jeremiah’s Why the Nativity?, a docudrama that looks at the most pivotal moment in human history.

Please help share 为何降生? (Why the Nativity?) so that more people can be introduced to the Gospel through the story of Jesus’ birth this Christmas season.

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Image credit: Ben White via UnSplash.

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Turning Point Staff

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