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So What Are We to Do about the "Hovering Fog and Filthy Air"?

Following up on her January 30, 2013 blog, Tiger Lily poses a question.

There seem to be efforts in the Christian community to do business with integrity and to model a Protestant work ethic, but what about environmental challenges? What are local and foreign Christians doing to help solve the problem of pollution? It appears to me there are not that many groups who are even educated about creation care and how the church is to bring healing not just to hearts but to the nations which includes the environment and society.

Environmental issues are one of the top priorities in the 12th Five-Year Plan, and with increasing demonstrations about the health hazards of factories, chemical productions, mines etc.; it's an opportunity for Christians to get involved in helping to solve these problems even in small ways. Most groups I know of are secular groups or part of companies' corporate social responsibility. Do you know of any significant efforts by Christians?

In response:

A course being taught March-May in Singapore 2013 Holistic Missions: from Evangelism to Ecology

Image credit: Dirty Lungs, Anyang, China, by V.T. Polywoda, via Flickr

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